A coherent Biblical case for stewardship?

So as you may tell by my posts, I am very much concerned for animal welfare, conservation and enviromentalism. The apparent contradiction between these values and the Bible has been of concern fro me, but I think I may have an answer.

In short, humans may have the right to subdue and rule over the earth and all the animals, but it is best to do this sustainably, not because it matters to God, but because it helps ‘us’ to glorify God better. I say this because the universe is set up as a temple in Genesis 1, nature therefore helps us to worship God. Is it really a good idea to destroy it all?

I do also think the Mosaic law does establish basic dignity for animals. They are to be repayed in kind with food for the work they do (Deut 25:4, though St Paul disagreed), and were to be given rest every Sabbath day. I think Proverbs 12:10 is somewhat vague however.

I made a blogpost on this subject here:

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