A challenge from the Discovery Institute: "There is no evidence explaining the origin of life"

Robert Marks, engineering professor at Baylor, made this comment last Thursday.

The Campbell biology textbook, which is used by 60% of professors or something like that, has six chapters on evolution.

I figure somewhere in there there is evidence for the origin of life.

ID got started with a book entitled The Mystery of Life’s Origin I think in 1986. I have interviewed one of the authors, Charles Thaxton.

There is an updated edition out now.

You all who are close to the origin of life studies area, is Mark’s comment true?


We at BioLogos also understand that abiogenesis is still scientifically unclear. But we do not conflate abiogenesis with evidence about evolutionary theory, as they are two separate issues.


Lots of discussion about abiogenesis around here: https://discourse.biologos.org/search?q=abiogenesis

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