A 2012 video of Dr. Behe in a room full of Evolutionists

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Science vs. Scientist?
Or just two different flavors of science?

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I didn’t make it past 4:30 in. It drives me nuts when anyone brings up Haekel’s embryos in textbooks. What Michael Behe is doing is quite dishonest I can’t stand to watch more. Haekel was wrong, but he was definitely on to something much deeper and more convincing than his drawings ever could have been. Critics of evolution love to bring it up as if it somehow demonstrates that ‘evolutionists’ just make stuff up to support their fairy tale- without ever addressing the actual evidence that we know from embryology today. I’m not sure why Behe is objecting anyways as I thought he was just fine with common descent.

@gbrooks9 Maybe it’s just my mood but I went a bit further much to my regret (up to ~30 min or so). Maybe it will float some others’ boats but this whole thing seems like a big joke and he plays the grand conspiracy narrative very well and of course accuses Judge Jones of not understanding anything. Glad the fella to the left of him helps correct some of this ridiculousness. Behe really wants the ‘problems’ with evolution to be taught and the alternative scientific theories taught- but what are they? Not intelligent design as that has no mechanisms at all- it is just a god of the gaps argument despite any claims that ‘these things really look designed you guys.’ I’m out of here for real this time.

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Maybe @pevaquark’s experience is a good caveat emptor… Start the video well AFTER 4:30 minutes!

It’s a fairly robust video… there’s no reason to put yourself through the difficult parts…

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