5 Wheaton College Professors Release New Book on Theories of Origins

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(Matt Connally) #2

I like the excellent explanations of so much science in this book. It’s very clear and wonderfully inspiring to read about the beauty and brilliance in the universe.

I think the main thing that makes me nervous is the anthropology. So can I ask where do you see room for spirituality–classic, nonphysical spirituality? Is that something we would believe in only because the Bible indicates that we should? It’s just that the discussion of people in materialistic terms seems to live little room for a soul.

That said, I’m very encouraged by the overall posture of taking science back from the naturalists. I just hope you can also take it back from the materialists. I’m very interested in how John Walton said that ancient Near Eastern thinking had no concept of a “natural” world, and that the dichotomy between natural and supernatural is a relatively recent development. I’d love to see you guys continue to tear down that stronghold and take us back to a much more robust view of science, nature, rationality and creativity. Take the cosmology, the geology, the phylogeny and paleontology and genetics—take it all back for God’s glory, to magnify the wonder of what he has done.

God bless you guys.