5 (More) Ways Pastors Can Shepherd People Through Discussions About Science and Faith

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(Wookin Panub) #2

I can do all five points, and still turn to my theistic evolutionist brothers and sisters in Christ, and lovingly, humbly, and righteously say, you are wrong.


Not what I would call gracious dialogue.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #4

Oh come now! If Wookin calls me a brother in Christ (as I think he just did! :hugs:), I don’t at all mind him picking up the other end of some argumentative rope and giving it a tug. If we have a context of secure relationship, it would seem to me that such a context ought to not just tolerate, but even cultivate friendly discourse and the “but you are still wrong, you know!” kind of friendly jab. But there are other contexts where the same statement may be a deadly wedge driven into the heart of fellowship. And then you are right that the same statement would not be “gracious dialogue”.

(Phil) #5

As if no one ever says someone else is wrong around here.

(Randy) #6

Thank you so much. I just read some of your other posts in this vein, as well as Brad Kramer’s. I’m glad you (and Wookin Panub) are so gracious.