4 Things Americans Can Learn About Faith and Evolution From Great Britain and Canada


I am just curious as to what you believe.

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My beliefs are as far from yours as the twenty first century is from the medieval era.


I would agree.


but I was just trying to get an idea. I read the biologos website a little so I probably know about what you believe, but you may not agree with them so I was just curious.


Do you believe that Jesus is God?

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No I don’t. It’s clear you are no longer comfortable trying to defend your original claims, and you’re looking for any way to change the subject to something you find more pleasant, like charging me with heresy.


Are you being sarcastic or do you really not believe that Jesus is God. You said that you are a Christian, but there are a lot of people who say that and are not. Also if you do believe that Jesus is God, I would ask you why you believe that?

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I am not being sarcastic. I really do not believe that Jesus is God.

I certainly agree.

I am not interested in telling you why I believe that. You have dismissed or simply ignored everything I have said to you previously about what I believe and why, and you have either failed to or simply ignored my questions to you. I have also seen you treat others in this way. I am fairly sure that this is not what this forum was intended for. Until your behavior changes I see no value in discussion with you.


Good night.


To the contrary, I don’t believe this is what Genesis 1 is teaching at all. There is a whole lot of stuff that Genesis 1 is teaching but we miss all that stuff when we insist that the main point is “God created the world in 6 days.”


We will just have to disagree. However, I am curious. Do you believe Jesus is God? I am just wondering if there are any Christians on here. I can see that Jonathan Burke is not and it doesn’t sound like George Brooks claims to be(I like his title(Chief Wikipedia Quoter) by the way), but I don’t know about you.

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People can self-identify as Christians even if they hold non-traditional or unorthodox beliefs. It’s not our job to decide who is Christian enough. Lots of people don’t get the concept of an open forum. Anyone can set up an account and post here as long as they follow the gracious dialogue guidelines. You don’t have to agree with BioLogos. The BioLogos statement of faith is here. People who work for BioLogos affirm those believes, which include the Trinity, the authority of Scripture, and the divinity of Jesus.

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Petronius to Audience:

Is it not as exciting as I said it would be?! Are you not entertained?!

Here we have a man who has already said that the Bible is not in error… and just recently that he does not believe Jesus is God!

Did you ever think you would live to see such a combination of ideas ?!

The drama is as thick as butter !


I do. Is that the criterion for “correct interpretation of Genesis”?


No. You can be a Christian and be wrong about a lot of things. I just think the correct interpretation is the obvious one. I have learned that when someone really understands a topic, they are able to explain it simply and clearly. God has done this in Gen 1.

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What if one assumes that what God has made evident in His creation (fossil record, biogeography, genomes, etc) is “the obvious” interpretation?

I should add that there are MANY Christians here. It is true that some have beliefs that differ from yours. Some have beliefs that differ from mine, as well. Having said that, may I advise that using one conversation to make assumptions about an entire group is error-prone and ungracious.


I think putting man’s limited understanding of the creation above God’s clear statements in the scripture of how he made the universe is folly. The fossil record, biogeography, genomes, etc. are not interpretations of a text. Using normal rules of grammar is how you interpret a text and that leads to the obvious conclusion of 24hr days.

As far as the number of Christians here, I was just asking. Two out of the first three(I think that is the correct count, I didn’t check) with whom I was discussing the topic were not, so I was wondering if you were. It helps to know who you are dealing with when answering a question.

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If you are wishing to keep a tally, then mark me down as Christian. Since you are engaging in a forum for people believing that God created through evolution, it will be generally safe to assume that most posters are Christian, as well. [quote=“Bill_Smith, post:138, topic:36748”]
I think putting man’s limited understanding of the creation above God’s clear statements in the scripture of how he made the universe is folly
Would you say that the purpose of the Genesis account is to give the specific details of how God created, or is it to tell people throughout history that God is Creator and Sustainer of all that is, was, or will be?

You may have noticed that “how” God created is not given in detail.

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What you don’t realize is that your interpretation of what you call “God’s clear statements in the scripture” can also be wrong. If we followed your reasoning, people would still believe the Earth is flat and the sun moves around the Earth. You need to demonstrate that you are not making the same mistake as the people who opposed Galileo.

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I would agree that our understanding of nature is limited, but as stated in the Bible, God’s nature is seen throughout creation, and that study can add to our understanding of God.
Our ability to understand scripture is also limited, and dependent on not the rules of grammar you may read in Elements of Style, but in the hard work done by scholars in translating dead languages, learning the cultural meanings of those words, finding and documenting manuscripts, trying to best resolve the conflicts between them and finally to put it in words the general population can understand.Then we have the task, when we read it in our language with limited capacity, to apply it to our lives in an appropriate manner.
While we could quibble about your 24 hour day statement, the question of defining a day with a clock or the sun is problematic at the very least. I suspect the concept of hours was pretty far in the future.