2019 Conference anyone?

(Lisa) #1

Any homeschoolers planning to attend the Biologos 2019 conference and been to one before? Hubby and I are going but trying to decide if we’ll do the whole thing or pick one day!

(Phil) #2

My wife and I will be there for the duration. We were just checking, and the cherry trees should be blooming at that time in DC, so will probably make a little trip there after the conference. Look forward to meeting those of you who can make it!

(Christy Hemphill) #3

@Kathryn_Applegate was there going to be one day at the conference with some homeschool-specific presentations?

(Kathryn Applegate) #4

There will be a 3-hour education workshop led by @amaskiewicz and me, which will include discussion of homeschool-specific topics. That will be 2-5pm on March 27. I don’t know yet whether there will be an education track in the submitted talks. Hope many of you can be there!

(Lisa) #5

Is that before the main part of the conference starts (I thought it didn’t start till Wed night) and if so, do we need to register separately for it? I definitely don’t want to miss it!

(Kathryn Applegate) #6

@Lstrite, Sorry for the delay! I had to check on how registration works for this. Apparently it’s an add-on at the end of the registration process, and it costs $35 to attend. The workshop is before the conference begins (you’re right - it starts Wed evening).

(Kathryn Applegate) #7

@Lstrite and everyone - if you are a homeschool parent, you are ELIGIBLE for the K12 teacher discount on registration! So make sure you take advantage of that!

(Lisa) #8

Thank you :clap::+1: