2017 BioLogos conference - Gregg Davidson breakout session on carbon 14

I’m leading a discussion group using the videos from Haarsma’s Origins book. I was asked a question about carbon dating. When I attended the BioLogos conference last March I sat in on Gregg Davidson’s breakout session on carbon dating. I found the audio online, but I was wondering if anyone might know where to get some of the actual presentation pictures/charts. There were some great ones showing C14 levels from tree rings, and another showing levels from varves and how well they overlapped.


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Don’t know about those specific ones, but you can Google tree rings and carbon 14 dating, and select images and get a bunch of good graphics.
Keep us informed as to how the discussion goes, as looks like it would be a good book to present!

This is the blog post that information is based on, written on his blog.

Very helpful work.


Paging @davidson, @davidson to the front desk please.

Thanks for links! This should do it!

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