13th Annual Science and Religion Forum announced: Feb 11, 2021, 3:30 - 5:30

Curious about how to integrate science into your religious outlook?

Shippensburg University will host the 13th Annual Forum on Science and Religion virtually on Thursday, February 11, 2021 from 3:30-5:30 PM to further explore this topic. The forum is free and open to the public, and coincides with International Darwin Day celebrations.

During the forum, Dr. Joseph Shane, professor of chemistry and science education, will moderate a panel discussion titled, “Science, Religion, and the Common Good,” with clergy, scientists and writers from the Sinai and Synapses Fellowship, a small interfaith group dedicated to elevating the discourse and conversation around religion and science.

Sinai and Synapses is an interfaith “religion and science” group, led by Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman . I got to hear him not long ago when a church in my town (not my church) had him come and teach a series of class. It was really interesting–we even got to study a portion of the Talmud.

Don’t expect another rehash of Adam and Eve or Age of the Earth conversation!

Access the forum at: https://ship.zoom.us/j/93622277836

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Any big differences in the conversation in Jewish vs. Christian circles that you have been impressed with? Evangelical Christianity has made such a caricature of Judaism from what I have seen in my limited readings, and it should be an interesting forum.

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IMO, as long as a Christian holds to “replacement theology”, he/she will be swimming upstream among most if not all Jews. Adopting a “dual covenant” theology is still a challenge to most Jews but tolerated, in my experience, for curiosity’s sake slightly more than aggressively disdained. Jews who care about such things prefer their Christians “ex-Christians” and Noahide.

P.S. When I say “Jews”, I’m not including Messianic Jews or Wannabe Black Hebrew or Anglo-“Lost Tribe” Jews.

One interesting thing Rabbi Mitelman pointed out is that when a Jewish person perceives a conflict in religion and science, he is more likely to turn his back on faith and go with the science. For the Christian, it’s the opposite–he’ll go with his religion and forsake science.

Yes indeed! The ignorance of the last 4 years culminating in the January 6 riots have shown that distorting the faith and ignoring science are dangerous for everyone. Ironically, January 6 is when we celebrate the Epiphany–the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles.

And of course, notions about replacement theology and dumping the Old Testament impoverish our Christian faith and even our culture.

Thank you for your interest.

Sorry if i misunderstand this (due to me beign Greek) but isnt replacement theology supersessionism? Meaning that we are no longer under the OT law? I think all the major Christians doctrines teach that. I never heard though anyone wanting to dump the OT because of this.

Yes it is.

Christians are no longer under the law.

Many denominations used to teach that but it is an outmoded concept. After the holocaust in which 6 million Jews were slaughtered, many churches did some soul-searching. The Roman Catholic Church, for example repudiated replacement theology in Vatican II, back in the 1970s.

As for dumping the OT, see Andy Stanley and his fans.

Not fan of megachurches corrupting pastors sorry. Kenneth copeland ir whatever he is called(yes the guy that owns a private plain and do some other bizzare things amd prophesies) yeah since i found out that guy i can only imagine what Andy Stanley is. I really couldnt think that ever in my life some people will bring back indulegences from the middle ages

But before that you said

So whats the difference?

Christians are not under the old covenant. But Jews are.

If thats what you meant with

Then yes i do agree on that!

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“The roar of Moses’ triumph was heard throughout the hills.”
I didn’t know Moses even had a motorbike.”



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