13 years of studying creationism....and the etiquette lesson I learned in Dover, PA

Dover, PA.

A small farming community. Easily ignored in the shadow of Philadelphia. Easily ignored by an invasion of news cameras as a neighborhood.

I decided after 13 years of studying creationism in Canada and at the University of Florida that this was going to be my legacy.

Meeting local people involved in a trial over intelligent design coming to Dover public schools.

Journalist Lauri Lebo gave me a 2-3 hour interview about the devastation the situation created between neighbors, Christian vs non-Christian.

Professor Barbara Forrest I met in Louisiana to discuss her role in opposing the school board as religiously motivated.

James Davison Hunter as a sociologist of the culture wars states that court cases involving media attention inevitably leads to deep polarization.

Two Penn State political scientists have commented in a book that about 60-80% of high school teachers…if I remember correctly…avoid teaching much or anything about evolution to prevent fights.

Lauri and Barbara were very gracious to me. Because I respected them enough to listen.

13 years in the library studying creationism…but it was Dover I cannot forget.

Basically I learned that when they eulogize you the only thing people remember is how you treated them. Not the PhDs or the publications or the seminary you went to.


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