12 theistic scientists talk about science and faith

From Buzzfeed: 12 Scientists discuss how religion relates to their work. Includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scientists.

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Thanks for the link. I’m already strategizing about turning one or two of those into posters for my classroom walls!

Glad you liked it, Mervin!

I finally got a chance to look at the what the 12 scientists had to say.

2 or 3 of them seem to have the right idea. But the rest of them? I don’t know what to say. You know that I am pretty energetic in my support for this kind of promotion.

But a lot of those pages I read came across more like: “Evolutionary Science doesn’t always trigger my motion sickness.”


Not in a public school. Don’t even try it. I’ll be watching. :smile:

I agree that this doesn’t belong in a public school science class. But sometimes when a kid walks into biology class on day one, dead set against evolution because he thinks he must choose between science and faith, it’s helpful to mention that there have always been people of faith who are also fine scientists. It also helps to mention that creationism is not science and give the reasons why.

Don’t you think that it would be wise to immediately have a conference with the parents (and the principal) to explain to the parents that creationism is not allowed to be discussed in a public school science class. And then teach the class as the curriculum requires. I am pretty sure that any public school teacher here in New Jersey would not be allowed to talk to the child about people of faith who are also fine scientists. Also not allow to discuss at all what creationism is or isn’t.

You are allowed to talk about it, I think, if you simply want to explain that it isn’t science and will therefore not be covered in the curriculum.

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No worries, Patrick. I teach in a private school and can freely discuss and encourage critical awareness on these topics. BTW, next week is National School Choice Week, which celebrates all types of education, public, private, parochial, and homeschooling as well.

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Not here in public schools in New Jersey. Such discussions would cause big brouhaha. Note that public and parochial schools around here are very diverse with Catholics, Jews, and Unaffiliated being most of the population.

Well it is certainly not a NJ Catholic parochial school as such discussions would be forbidden in science classes. But in both public and parochial schools such discussions would be allowed in philosophy classes if the High School has them. Even homeschooling in NJ is very specific as to what is in the science curriculum and what is not. Homeschooled students must pass the same exams at 4th, 8th and 11 grades to get a State approved HS diploma.

Great, lets work together to improve science education for all children in all schools. A good start would be to get Grandmother Fish into all pre-schools.

Beagle Lady

I feel truly blessed to have found this post. What an inspiring and wonderful set of quotes from (mostly) young scientists. Thank you so much for posting this.

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