12,500 year old rock art in Columbia

This is a cool story. The paintings have pictures of extinct animals like mastodons.


Wow… that would be amazing to see. Doesn’t sound like there are any paintings of dinosaurs though. :thinking:


Surprising that they could survive in such an open location in a jungle. But I’m glad they did. I’d really like to see their depiction of a giant land sloth, if there is one.

I’m sure Ken will find one.

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As a person who has been studying on the Neolithic histoy of early humanity I love it! Crazy how innovative early humans were and what they were thinking about the world around them.

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Early?! That’s yesterday. Triple that for early behaviourally modernity - if that’s a real phenomenon, which is unlikely and pushes early to ten, twenty to thirty times that - at least.

There is!

Located in the Serranía La Lindosa in modern-day Colombia, the rock art shows how the earliest human inhabitants of the area would have coexisted with Ice Age megafauna, with pictures showing what appear to be giant sloths, mastodons, camelids, horses and three-toed ungulates with trunks.

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Ahh thanks for the quote. Went through the article multiple times without spotting one. But I was only looking for pictures. :crazy_face: Sure is tough losing megafauna. Guess I’d need to go there. :cry:

The sloths were mentioned in a new article I saw today, so I thought of you. I think we have to wait for the documentary to get lots of pictures.

The sloths we have are pretty cool in the many things they can survive which most mammals cannot. Not that any self respecting deity would pick a sloth as an image bearer of course. :wink:


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Other pictures show human figures, geometric shapes and hunting scenes, as well as animals such as deer, tapirs, alligators, bats, monkeys, turtles, serpents and porcupines.

“Serpents”… there we go. :smiley:


Now, now. These are dated to 12000 BC, that is over 6000 years before dinosaurs showed up.


So serpents begat dinosaurs? I am really learning a lot today!

Well, some have proposed in YEC literature that dragons and serpents were really dinosaurs, which is what I thought Laura was referencing, but I maybe I mis interpreted you, Laura. Maybe this was a reference to Eden.

Nope, you were right… that’s the irrefutable proof right there that people lived with dinosaurs. I’m sure the scientists just used the word “serpents” to try and obfuscate that fact. :wink:


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