Your attitude towards psychics and healers

Basically the same way.

Yep, that’s all we have. Those forty year old stories.

The same way I feel about most religions.

…which is not to say I believe in them. But I believe in my religion… so I understand that other people believe in theirs.

The Bible says Jesus healed people.

Yes to both Jesus and this Russian guy. It’s possible.

John 14:12 “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do

…good replacement for a medical doctor? No. I said possible… not probable. Yeah I believe Jesus did it. But… doesn’t mean everyone who claims to heal actually does so. But as long as they don’t do any harm… that we can prove.

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Thanks for the answer. Jesus is the Son of God, so he healed those who believed in him. He healed by the power of God. This psychic whom I mentioned is healing with some kind of cosmic energy. He calls himself a bioenergetic.

Greetings, Alexey. Can you pass on the article? I am sorry–I can’t see it.

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Hello! The article is unfortunately in Russian. I don’t have an English version. If it will be useful for you, then the name of this healer is Valery Kustov.

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but I can send you an article in Russian

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This brings to mind John of God in Brazil, said to be a mighty healer and a psychic. The truth is, he was a fraud and a pedophile.


Thanks Alexey, it auto-translated just fine.
It certainly makes some bold claims:

the KGB did not forget about the unusual young man and “gradually and very tactfully” involved him in solving “unsolvable” tasks - as a result, he helped solve the most complex crimes, prevent terrorist attacks and even identify spy networks

Thanks to him, a serious defect in the turbine generator blade was discovered, which would have led to a disaster comparable to Chernobyl; he also prevented an accident at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

I think with that kind of things, there should be some public records, no? How trustworthy is that website? One of the ways in which I evaluate if something I stumble upon online or social media is true, is trustworthiness of that site or person. Of course it never hurts to cross reference.

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Thanks for the answer. This site is just one of many. This psychic was on some TV show. There he talked about his work. And the next day, a lot of media began to write about him. I’ll share a link to the article if I find anything else.

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in fact, many sites write that this psychic helps people. I chose the one where it is written in the most detail.

It is interesting in that I have friends who are more into faith healing than I, and it is easy to find testimony of help and healing, some even of raising from the dead on the web sites of the preachers they follow. It is impossible to find verification of those healings, however. Just like it is easy to find people who attest to their success to get rich quick schemes. We are called to have wisdom, however, and to be wary of such things.


No…not forty-year-old stories. Do you really think that someone who believed they had been healed by God —especially in THAT era of poor medical knowledge — would have waited 40 years to say? Not likely. I can recall a couple things God healed me from and I told people right away !! —Including a really skeptical guy like you who, surprisingly to me, said in response: “I’ve had sciatica. Sciatica can be a bear. Whatever works. Glad for you”…

Back to those “forty year old stories” —people can and did talk in those days. No internet, just talk talk talk…Rabbis often encouraged people to memorize their words, people (those who were literate) could and did take notes. Even the gospels were sourced – or partly sourced – to prior documents that we call Q, L, M…and who knows what other letters of OUR (not their!!) alphabet…A couple years back, I read a book by someone who asserted that some of the stories in Mark date to within 5 years of the crucifxion–which would be “less than 40 year old stories”…


Got any meat? I am not a sceptic. I know. If anyone knows how Marcan material can be dated to 33-36 AD, I’d like to know. I know that no claim of divine healing is statistically significant. Don"t you? But being transubstantiation science, they happen anyway? I have no reason to doubt what I know. The only claim worth doubting is the one. The one and only. The ultimate.

well, Klax…I don’t know what question you are now asking. The post was about psychics and healers. I agree with JPM largely on the need to take various claims with a grain of salt. But you aren’t using a saltshaker here. Taking various claims with a grain of salt is not the same as saying “did not could not never did not possible…” . …We got off on the “40-year-old stories” and it was pointed out that Q, L, and M were likely sources for some or “some amount” of what is in those stories, plus the mention that some took notes while their rabbis were speaking. The QLM sources are likely earlier than 40 years…likely earlier than 30 years for all I know. From what I have seen, you would be best to say “less than 30 year old stories” since the general range for dating the canonical gospels begins with 60 CE —and I have seen dates for 50 CE for Mark, though that is rare… That is what I mean by QLand M being earlier than 30 years. There were still people around who could have challenged those accounts if they could…but that does not seem to have occurred among contemporaries the way it did for other stories…OK off topic we go…and I see this is your last visit.

But you don’t know. No supernatural healing is statistically detectable regardless of whether it happens or not. There are no anomalies in the morbidity and mortality statistics of believers. So if it happens routinely for believers but nobody else can detect that, then it happens as a matter of religion, like the real presence: transubstantiation science.

No one is saying that something happens “routinely.” I have not had anything routinely either in that vein ( but I DID have an event where healing DID occur), and I can think of some people who also would like some healing but have not had that… …The general subject here is psychics and healers. Being “not healed” is a universal human situation in the sense that we all die eventually — of something, even if you want to call it “old age”. I can even think of a well-known person who says that her situation reminds her ( constantly, in her case) of the reality that – as they say — this world is not our home…You may have a different expectation of the whole conversation than what I am thinking of.

Yep, healing is entirely natural. Very few people die healed. The biggest cause of death in the first world is dementia, nobody is ever healed of that. Or arthritis. Ever. Or ever will be. Aging and death are entirely natural too of course. Healing as a metaphor for of the condition of being mortal and psychologically deformed, to one degree or another, would be nice.

Psychics and healers (including in healing ministry) work as placebo at best. Nothing else.

Well…we will agree about psychics. That term typically belongs to a category that the Bible condemns.

On the question of God “healing” — you will be a skeptic (like me) until the moment when you know God has healed you (Klax) of something —major or minor, with no outside explanation…and then you will be “stuck” with having to explain your previous thought to yourself. Plus develop an explanation as to why He doesn’t just heal everyone automatically of everything—though, biblically speaking, “there’s a new world coming” (but that is a whole other topic)

…As I said, there is at least one well-known Christian person who says that her massive handicaps remind her daily that “this world is not my home”.

The three leading causes of death, per the WHO-int site, are heart disease (various forms), with dementia/Alzheimers being number seven. But that may be a “total” for the world and not just the first world. As the doctor said to my father when he was 91, “ya gotta die of somethin’” —expert medical advice (?!?)

No matter which “cause” is the leading one…“once to die and then the judgment,” as the Bible says…