Yes, it's a global pandemic

Then there’s the less nice approach:


True, true … but don’t forget Gracious is second language for me. :thinking:


A friend in NJ posted on facebook a restaurant sign about masks that was full of obscenities. A rather direct approach! but no more obscene, I suppose, than willfully exposing humans to lethal germs for the sake of your own freedumb.

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I think jpm has a good observation re the location of the majority of cases. And Christy, you are probably right to stay where you are…I have to stand up for Chicago, though. No one else in the state of Illinois will!! It may all depend on your perspective, but people are wearing masks and doing the socially distanced thing here in Chicago, at least in the suburbs—and getting a little antsy about it…my church has people wearing masks except during the service…There are all sorts of conspiracy theorists, of course, and am getting tired of listening to them. A state senator led a protest against the social distancing/lockdown expectations of the moment. But it turns out that he represents a rural county with only two cases of the disease…

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Our local authorities just made masks mandatory for businesses, having a real jump in cases here.
One of our friends who we recently had over for dinner called, thought they might have it and was getting tested. I felt like Shrodinger’s cat: I was both exposed and not exposed until their test came back negative. Actually still feel a little paranoid and hypochondriacal: is that cough just allergies? Does my throat feel,a little sore? Did the dinner food taste like it should or am I losing my taste? From what I read, the molecular tests have about a 20% false negative rate, so it still keeps you in limbo a bit. Ultimately, we have to just assume we and everyone else has it and is asymptomatic.

I do training for a volunteer position doing contact tracing tomorrow. I assume they will issue me the standard hobnail boots and armband. Actually, all is done by phone and internet, so can still wear Chacos.


Thank you for your service

My church in the Southwest suburbs is requiring masks the whole time for everyone over five. Totally agree that it is a saner place to be than many places in the country!

I hear you on the hypochondriac thing.

In this season of increased air-conditioning for some climes, I find that the more our air conditioning has run at night, the more parched my throat gets. So it is an unfortunate tension between a need for cooling comfort to sleep making unnaturally dry air which dries out my throat. Even though we only run our air conditioning lightly just to take the edge off, I still keep water at my bedside for the occasional blessed gulp during the night. My heart goes out to those who are obliged to endure more heavily air conditioned settings. Those without AC have a different set of discomforts they are obliged to endure … but at least routinely dry throat likely won’t be one of them.

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