Why I changed my mind

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Thanks everyone. I have heard dennett speak about free will. But i think you cant just deny philosophy.

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I understand that, but my question was more about how we are supposed to know what the absolute moral directive is in any given situation.

I don’t see how that’s relevant. The point is that we are an enormously successful species biologically speaking.

I didn’t say that it was. I don’t think anything about our evolution was inevitable.

Sure. So?

We’ve been evolving longer than that and have been developing the ability for cooperation for a long time, for which morality is needed. There are examples of empathy in the animal world, even. I believe I’ve read that mammalian empathy is related to the need for to care for young, and that evolutionary change can occur quite quickly. I’m also interested in hearing more and investigating this area.

For my part, empathy is a feeder into that system and not an output. Empathy will cause such feelings, but not all people possess empathy in equal degrees, and some even seem to totally lack it (part of what is considered the disorder of psychopathy). I think this is an area where rationality does come into play. We are able to understand the effects of our actions. Because we can, we have a moral responsibility for them. That’s how I see it. Imagine a person with a severe mental disorder who lacks such understanding. Do we say “they are a person and they have an equivalent moral responsibility”, or do we recognize that their unfortunate lack of understanding means they lack moral agency?

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I believe it His arguments expose the false nature of the atheist position by reducing it to absurdity.

The problem is that it does not demonstrate the positive role of philosophy.

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Generally speaking humans are a successful species because humans can think, meaning we can plan, communicate, discuss, learn from others and our mistakes, etc. If nature rewards thinking by making humans more evolutionarily successful, then that must be evidence that the universe is designed rationally, that is by God.

Also humans are a successful species because humans work together and cooperate, because they are moral beings. This has been disputed in the past, because of survival of the fittest, but Wilson has pretty well disproved that and the newest research I have seen indicated that successful humans do cooperate. If nature rewards cooperation and morality by making humans are evolutionarily successful, then this is further evidence that the universe is designed morally, that is by God.


Wouldn’t Scientism, as you have defined, be a philosophy? Isn’t Materialism a philosophy?

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