Why don't Christians believe in the Big Bang?

What if God created/allowed the Big Bang to happen?

I need some responses for a school assignment, if you could just list some of your own personal opinions about this topic, I’d appreciate it.

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There are many Christians who have no problem believing in the Big Bang. If God is the creator of all things, and science shows us that the Big Bang is something that happened in the past, then it follows that God must have been involved – perhaps setting it into motion himself, but the exact details of God’s involvement aren’t something science can tell us.

Scientifically, we can directly observe that this universe had a beginning, and date it using type 1a supernovae brightnesses, the speed of light and a bit of math. I’m really not sure why someone would say that the Big Bang in and of itself is bad; as it is a demonstrable beginning, and alone it doesn’t give any date; other that to promote distrust of cosmologists.

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13.8 gy . . .

Is the beginning demonstrable by science or do the laws of physics break down at the Planck era?

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The Big Bang theory was in fact first proposed by a Roman Catholic priest.


I’m confused over the shift honestly. When I was a kid the YEC were the ones saying that scientists used to be in universe without a beginning but that now they have changed their mind that it has a beginning and that beginning is the Big Bang and the Big Bang was jump started by god calling the u inverse suddenly into existence with a bang. It’s only in the last few years I’ve been hearing Christian’s say they don’t believe in the Big Bang.

Here is a blog entry on the site you may enjoy:

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That’s a mighty big “if”.
If God created/allowed the Big Bang to happen, then the expanding universe isn’t anywhere because there’s no “where” else to be.

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Nope, they’re prevenient.

That’s a great question. I don’t know if God would be any more involved in the Big Bang than in anything else that happens with ongoing creation, Evolution, Etc. However, there’s a lot more to God than creation alone as well, I think, though I have a lot to learn about philosophy

As many have pointed out, acceptance of the big bang is not uncommon among Christians.

But to over generalize for amusement purposes,

P1: Christians don’t (or rather, no longer) like the big bang, but atheists do, and yet
P2: Atheists don’t like that the ability for the big-bang universe to synthesize the heavy elements needed for life appears to be on a razor’s edge, but christians do

C: There be lots O’ confusion and ideological bias.

EDIT: typo (“bing” bang, lol)


Why do some Christians reject the Big Bang? Mostly because someone told them it was bad. Ironically, much of the resistance to the Big Bang was because it pointed towards a beginning for the universe, rather than the eternal universe that has been popular with people holding more deistic to atheistic views.

Most of the rejection of the Big Bang seems to be because the date for it is much older than the age advocated by young earthers. Some people promote a young earth but old universe, but most young earthers also claim that the universe is young. Because the Big Bang is associated with astronomical evidence that also indicates an old earth, advocates of a young universe reject the Big Bang, despite the evidence that indicates that the Big Bang is a very good description of how our universe was created.

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Ahhh! That! much obliged for the re-focus.

The sentence was my wry attempt at humor, which–more than once–has failed to be recognized as and acknowledged to be humorous.

Perhaps you’ll grasp the meaning of the comment to which you refer if I tell you that I am a “baptized and confirmed” anit-relativist (a.k.a. “crank”) and a veteran of the anti-relativist/anti-anti-relativist war that raged on-line in the early 2000s. :grinning: Moreover, I am a firm believer in Absolute Space, Absolute Time, and Absolute Motion. 'Nuff said?

Yes, that says it all. Thanks.

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@ding Welcome.

There is a big difference between created and allowed to happen.

The Big Bang created matter out of nothing, energy out of nothing, time out of nothing, and space out of nothing. There is no way that the Big Bang was allowed to happen. God created it or it did not take place.

Now science cannot prove this is so, but all of the “circumstantial” evidence does and that should be enough. God and God alone has the ability to do this, the opportunity to do this and the motive to do it. God did it.

Maybe. Or maybe it separated nothing into negative and positive, making nothing out of nothing. Some crude, back of the envelope calculations show that the total energy of the universe may be consistent with the answer “0”.

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I think you have been reading Leonard Krause, which is nonsense. The nothing before time and space is not energy or matter which have a + or -, but absolute nothing, which is beyond our experience.

Math does not always provide the right answer. We need to know how to think too.

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