Why do not Christians celebrate pentecost?

Dear Bill,
Yes, everyone has a spirit in them and this is called dualism. The spirit of truth is a teacher of many, not just a personal spirit. This is the spirit that 1 John 4 says we need to test. How can you test a spirit that only lives in your heart? Jesus also promised us comforters to stand by us in difficult times. These are not teachers. God’s spiritual world is vast and varied, filled with many spirits.
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Come to think of it, what is an “appropriate amount of legalism”? :thinking:

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Here is a comparable extra-biblical thought-experiment for your consideration.

Jesus is the King of Heaven, the ruler of God’s creation, who rules over the three houses of Heaven and countless spiritual beings. One third of these revolted against God and God gave Jesus the task of bringing them home. God has given every human (incarnated fallen spiritual being) a guardian spirit (that is at one with God) and this is how God is omnipresent.

This is logical in my mind instead of the idea of God rewinding time to be in all places at once.

Yes, in early Christianity, before it was separated from logic, God was taught to be subject to His own laws. It was the barbaric emperor of Rome, Justinian, that declared God the god of chaos.

  1. If anyone says or thinks that the power of God is limited, and that he created as much as he was able to compass, let him be anathema.

It is time for Christianity to regain its early logic and realize that the Good God who makes Laws also follows them. BTW. I said laws of physics, not just theories. So when God wants to manifest spiritual energy into matter, He has to obey conservation of mass and conservation of energy.

I’ll assume then you would deny creation ex nihilo, then?

The Big Bang, as seen from a purely materialistic viewpoint, is creation from nothing. Seen from a holistic viewpoint, it is conservation of energy. God provided the spiritual energy to create matter. So, if you deny dualism, then it is creation from nothing.

I never said He was my own “personal” spirit. It is the same spirit in all. After all He is a spirit and can easily reside in all. He is not limited by the laws of physics you know.

1 John 4:2-3 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.

Notice we are back to the singular Spirit of God. The “every spirit” could be taken to be plural but then it says these are the spirit of the antichrist which is back to singular.

Why could a comforter not also be a teacher? In my experience the Holy Spirit has often played both roles.

Since God created time wouldn’t you say He exists outside of space/time. God exists in an eternal NOW.

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Yes, there is only one antichrist, Lucifer, the fallen son of God now known as Satan or the Devil.

Are you suggesting that God cannot be in more places than once? That he is limited by the dimensions of the universe he created…well, the obvious ones (since there are quite a few more that are not as obvious)?

Also, where are you getting this information from? It’s not explicitly from the Bible. Do you have another source? Or your own deduction?

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“Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.” (1 John 2:18)

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But God could not have created the spiritual energy de novo, given conservation of energy, nor could it simply emanate from him. He would have had to have lost whatever energy the universe utilized in its creation to maintain conservation of energy.

Dear Daniel,
This exercise in conservation of energy gives us perspective on God and His power. It is easy to say things like: “But God could not have created the spiritual energy de novo”. It is harder to examine the questions of: “How powerful would God have to be so that He could use part of His energy to create the Universe?” And “At the end of the world, how will He recapture the energy of His material creation?” or “How does this material world return to spiritual energy?”

These are the questions of spiritual Christian scientist.
Best Wishes, Shawn

Thank you for your your question. The celebration of Pentecost is the antithesis of the Trinity Doctrine. Pentecost celebrates God’s vast spiritual world while the trinity narrows the spiritual world to a monolith. With all the diversity in this world, how can God’s spiritual would be less vast or less diverse? The teachings of Homer, Socrates, the Prophets and Jesus form the basis for my beliefs. These revelations have been retaught by the spirit of truth, even in modern times.

The teachings are of God’s vast Kingdom, led by Jesus with a near infinite spiritual beings at one with God. This way, God is in touch with everything in the spiritual world and in material world without the need to be everywhere at once. Those who are at one with Him know and obey His Laws and act in His name. There are many specialists in the spiritual world. Jesus specifically names Comforters, Teachers and Spirits of Truth.

  • The enlightened Greeks called the Teachers Muses. Socrates’ muse was called Diotima. JS Bach credits his compositions to God. It is only the truly humble masters, like Bach and Socrates that admit where their inspiration came from.

  • Comforters are the general category of the those spirits who care for the sick and distressed. When we pray for the sick, these are who God sends.

  • The Spirit of Truth is a special class since they need to choose their words carefully. They are speaking to many peoples and their words need to be timeless. This is an uncommon skill. It is one thing to inspire one person, but to to help write the Gospels so that they stand the tests of public scrutiny is something else.

  • There are many other specialties that include those specialized in the Laws of God. This is the Archangel Michael’s speciality to know His Law and enforce it. Since the final judgement on Lucifer, many of Michael’s forces are deployed in Hell and Earth to enforce the New Covenant.

Best Wishes, Shawn

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