Why Are There Multiple Accounts of Jesus’s Resurrection in the Bible?


That’s like saying “literary spotlighting” is the explanation for why the Book of John says Jesus started his career by overturning the tables of the money changers… while the other 3 gospels say Jesus ended his career by overturning the very same tables.

How would literary spotlighting explain that? Perhaps you just misunderstand literary spotlight. Imagine a stage of dancers performing at a show. The stage goes dark, you can’t see anyone. The spotlight shines on a single dancer. You know all the other dancers are there, but you can only see one. That’s spotlighting. Literary spotlighting is a single person being mentioned in a story while the author/reader knows that others are present, even if not explicitly mentioned.

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I think you are making my point for me. “Literary spotlighting”, while valid, is hardly the answer to some of the bigger questions:

Matthew locates the family of Jesus in Bethlehem while Luke locates them in Nazareth, during overlapping periods.

Sometimes, differences are not intentional (because the writer has never heard any other version)

… and

sometimes they are intentional (because the writer has heard other versions and thinks they are in error).


I think you are making my point for me. “Literary spotlighting”, while valid, is hardly the answer to some of the bigger questions:

Well, I’m not making your point for you, since literary spotlighting is not used to explain anything about Bethlehem/Nazareth, the scene at the temple, etc. I used it rather precisely. The gospel authors did not randomly apply their literary techniques.

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So… what’s the point of proposing “literary spotlighting” to answer the question of inconsistency … if it only applies to one specific case - - and based on speculation alone?

There’s plenty of inconsistencies that still go unanswered… without any speculation at all.


It’s not speculation, it’s actually quite demonstrable in a few cases.

The point of “proposing” literary spotlighting is because it actually takes place and any discussion without all the variables is incomplete. Nowhere have I suggested that all inconsistencies have answers – some simply don’t. You seem to be responding to some mystical strawman in my points. If you simply focus on the points I’ve actually made, you’ll find every single thing I’ve said here has been perfectly accurate.

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So what do you consider to be the best example of Literary Spotlighting? How good does a good explanation get?


I’ve been off biologos for a bit now so I wasn’t able to respond. The best example of literary spotlighting in the Gospels is definitely to do with the number of angels.