Who are the Mandaens?

Don’t ask me. Some believe that Islam is a low-Christology heresy of Christianity. Muslims revere Jesus as an important prophet and the son of a virgin, but they reject his divinity.

Do you think that there is a connection between the Mandaeans and the Sabians? Are they the same?They both seem to have gone to Harran. The Sabians seemed to follow the Egyptians Hermaticism teachings.

I know of no link between the Mandaeans and Harran, I think you may be referring to the Yazidis, whose beliefs may descend from ancient Harrani religion. The Mandaeans are based in southern Iraq historically, not the north. There are similarities, in that both Sabian and Mandaean religion has it’s origins in Mesopotamian Paganism, and both involve Astral worship.

They aren’t the same. Read my first post on this thread. You can learn more about the Mandaens in this old Boston Globe Article

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Thanks. Got it. It seems that the Iraqi Mandaeans are called the Sabian or Sabean Mandaeans. The Quran mentions them as a People of the Book. You are correct The Harran Sabians are not the same. They were a hermeticism based and star worshipping group that seems to have ancient mystical knowledge. They were based in Harran and may have adopted the name Sabian to derive protection from Islam.

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