What is so appealing about heresies?

Another factor to consider is that sometimes the very same heresy can be appealing in some situations and not at all in others. Let’s talk the low-Christology heresy, which has popped up in many forms over the years. It was pretty popular when it first appeared as Arianism. And today it exists in even more forms–Unitarianism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christadelphianism, etc. But it’s not equally appealing in all its manifestations!

The Unitarians and Jehovah’s Witnesses have some decent numbers but the numbers for the Christadelphians are pretty low and their churches are tiny. So there is more going on than simply the low Christology heresy. Probably evangelism, brain-washing, and many other factors have a lot more to do with it than simply the heresy.

One thing I appreciate about covid-19 is that it pretty much stopped JWs from knocking at my door–yay! You know, it’s always two people who come around-- a senior JW who does all the talking, and a trainee JW. I direct my questions at the trainee and that ends the conversation pretty fast!

I think I might have commented similarly in another thread and I agree greatly with you.

If I am standing on the bottom of this 9, it looks like a 9. But if you are on the top, it looks like a 6. Just because I am right, it doesn’t make you wrong. Or looking at a cylinder from a 2 dimensional perspective, I could call it a circle, or a rectangle.

I think God did this on purpose. He wants Christians to unite in Him. Show the world we can all serve Him despite our different perspectives.

Unfortunately we failed miserably and have how many hundreds of denominations? I will gladly serve God with any denomination (and do) until they ask me to leave.

Just to clarify though. I am certainly not an advocate of coexist and that all paths lead to heaven. Rather all who seek their Creator earnestly and humbly and live to honor Him, He will show them the way.
Anyone who desires an eternal reward and thinks they can get one through their own action, will, or beliefs…probably won’t get it. But those who acknowledge they are a creation, just mere dust, and everything they have is from their Creator and they desire to honor Him. I would say they already have their eternal reward.

Are far as what is so appealing? I would say just like people rave about “band x” and how they are the best band ever…until they become popular and become “sellouts”. I think people want to feel important. Like they discovered the secret only few know about.

That and they want to belong. It’s hard to feel belonged when you are fan 1 out of 597987476 fans. So you either compete to be the ‘top’ fans or, you find another band with a smaller following.

But God is the only One that can give you that feeling of belonging or accepted as you are, in spite of your past. You don’t worry about being the number 1 fan because it isn’t about you, it’s about Him. In fact. Any praise brought your way is mourned and deflected to Him (Acts 14:14).And it brings you joy to show others that they can belong too, and it glorifies Him. That is why you share this good news with others!

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