What Does a "Miracle" Mean to You?

It occurred to me to mention that parents praying for the miracle of the birth of a baby is a story told in the Bible more than once, and thus it seems quite central to me in the Christian narrative.

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That is a good point. Getting children was a central issue in the ANE cultures, childless were in a bad position. No wonder the apparently barren women were in a desperate need to get children.

Today getting children is not as central, the world is already populated. Task completed.
Yet, for those pairs wanting to get a child, the hope for a miracle of birth may be as strong as in the past. Fertility has dropped and there are many more pairs that struggle with the problem.

I remember one preacher visiting a foreign country. I heard that he became more valued after he prayed for many childless women and those women got a child within a year. I don’t know the percentage of happy endings but probably a large proportion as the reputation of the preacher grew. A great miracle for those getting a long-wanted child.


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