What do you think heaven will be like?

(Luca) #21

To me glorifying God means doing things in his name. Or creating things like gardens. Singing, Work, Being nice to people is glorifying God. Everything good is glorifying to God. Because he is the soul of good.

(Wookin Panub) #22

My friend, we will be working. Our God is a working God so he will expect nothing less of us. We will not be working for money or getting ahead. I imagine that we will be growing our own food etc…Think of a futuristic B.C. age (Before Christ) The way God intended before sin entered and corrupted everything.

(Wookin Panub) #23

I should have given this to you earlier. Here is a fantastic read about Heaven. The book is titled “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn. ENJOY! :slight_smile:

(Edward Miller) #24

@Christy, @marvin

A New Earth. A world free of sin, pain, and sadness. Reunion with loved ones and friends. It will be a grand place to live and experience everlasting life. II Peter 3:10-13, Revelation 21, Isaiah 65 and 66

I am a postmillennialist. Even though there is still sin today, I would rather live now than ten thousand years ago when the American Indians came from Siberia.

(Ray Bailey) #25

Christy…here I was all ready to spout off and you stole my thunder! Only you said it more concisely than I would have… :grin:

My biggest thing is that most people still talk about us living in heaven! Reading Revelation is so clear about us living in New Jerusalem which is floating above the New Earth.

I suspect we will have a “city” home in NJ (not New Jersey! Oh No!) with a “weekend” or “Instantaneous transport to” cottage in the woods or by the beach, whatever!

Then if you really get the urge, flicker off to Saturn or the Pleiades to visit some the Aliens that have surbived thier own “biblical” times and are enjoing thier everlasting life with Elohim (by another name - hah!)
CS Lewis in Perelandra, and Out of the Silent Planet has the right idea.
But an even better one is “No Man In Eden” by HL Myra. I read it when it first came out in 1975 and was flabbergasted! The first Christian “Science Fiction” I had read since Lewis.

Yet it was strongly objected to by the powers that be (church that is). “Unscriptural hockey puck!” as one of the pastors said when I broached the subject.

I have always felt our minds are not stupide, and we can certainly conjecture the future, even though it will be so much better and beyond what we think. So saying we shouldn’t conjecture up those kind of thoughts is just another way of repressing something out of fear our tender minds will be riven from the straight and narrow.

Conjecture on! Bless you all!

(Ray Bailey) #26

Al, I once did a calculation on the possible numbers of everyone “saved” over the life of the earth from now until the beginning (whenever that was).

  • I basically chose to divide the total population of all living humans (50,000 yrs to present) as estimated at 100 billion. Since the “remnant” populations seen throughout the Bible are generally somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2, then 30-50 billion “saved” might be close enough.

  • The New Jerusalem is by measurement 1500 miles on a side, and High. I do not believe it will be a cubic form. Given the “ladder to heaven” in Jacob’s dream is the same Hebrew word used for the stairway to the top of a ziggurat, I strongly suspect it will be that form.

  • A zuggrat of that size would be roughly 1 billion cubic miles of space. Given the 50 billion people, that comes out to fifty (50) people per cubic mile of New Jerusalem. that’s at the best remnant count of 1/2!

At and given that we will be able to “fly” and “transport” ourselves (like Jesus did) there is no need for streets or roads, other than those appropriate to however the “Mansions” are situated for our pleasure.

So no crowding, Al!

Ray :sunglasses:

(Luca) #27

Thats now 4 books for me!

(Luca) #28

Aliens? :o

I personally think it is possible that we might teleport or fly whatever. But since i believe that our bodies will still be a certain kind of physical. Jesus appeared in many places. Even when the door was locked and dissapeared in the same manner he appeared. Would we get this ability? I think we might be able to choose between actually walking and running. and maybe also appearing somewhere.
There could be cars, planes? Only God knows.

(Ray Bailey) #29

Yes, Totti, we will certainly be in physical bodies, just like Jesus was those 40 days after his resurrection. Eating and drinking, talking, laughing, and whisking off when he wished!
We will be just like he was – an more we don’t even know yet!

As for the aliens, the grand scale of the cosmos is so vast, I have a hard time believing that it is all just for us. Elohim is so lavish in his love and relationships, I don’t thin the paltry 100 billions of us that might be with him in Everlasting Life is enough! I strongly suspect there is more out there than we will ever find out until we are there. Even then, he may be surprising us!

Ray :sunglasses:

(Luca) #30

That is a very interesting belief! And certainly it could be possible. But i myself don’t see it!
Thanks for the idea’s though! :smiley:

(Robin) #31

Tutti…One of my high school English teachers (long ago) said that in the Middle Ages people believed they went to heaven when they die. But nowadays we think we will go to
Disneyland when we die.

Maybe we think that. But all that we know is what the Bible says. People will be like the risen Christ — that is, some day in the future, God will redeem all of creation from the results of the Fall. That is ALL of creation…as well as humanity – or at least those who confessed their sins and received forgiveness for them through Christ. .We were made for fellowship with Him and we will see Him face to face…not some telepathic method…

As for kids and holidays and new people coming and so on – and telling time ---- that is the stuff of speculation. Jesus said that in heaven people are like the angels who do not marry — so take that for what you will…And yes, we all can ask questions for ages. But there are a lot of things God has not told us.

I wonder what others on this site will say?? But make a distinction between imaginings and what is known biblically.


No, Disneyworld. Disneyworld is bigger.

Speaking of Disney, I loved the vision of the next life in the Pixar film “Coco”

On the Day of the Dead, death is not seen as something really morbid.

(Luca) #33

Ofcourse this is all speculation. No man has been to heaven except for Jesus. And no man can truly imagine what it will be like. But what is wrong with trying to imagine? I dont think heaven will be disneyland. I think heaven will be creation as God meant it to be. But i dont think disneyland is excluded?

(Robin) #34

Maybe so about Disneyworld – which I skipped in favor of other things on last FLA visit, But I grew up near Disneyland. I would not take my teacher as the last word, nor would I give any credence to Coco or other things. There is a Hell as well as a Heaven, and what we know of these things are from the Bible…All else is …“Fantasyland.”

(Luca) #35

Depends on how you interpret the Bible though.

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #36

Since Jesus appeared through a locked door (John 20:26), perhaps when the ball is coming at us and we don’t want to block it from going down the field, we’ll be able to let it go through us? :smiley: (Hope this humor isn’t too irreverent :slight_smile: )

(Marvin Adams) #37

Sounds like a lot of us will struggle with the idea of letting go of the self that we acquired. Looks like we should not make jokes about those who expect virgins to be presented to them for heavenly feelings, but then perhaps women might get a slave / robot as a reward to help them with the washing and ironing.
If we haven’t learned to live in the hearts of others by the time we go we probably never will.

(Robin) #38

There is something to the method of interpretation and to giving consideration to ancient culture and to the commentaries of various theologians down through the ages.
But in the end, all we know is the little that God has said. Heaven, Hell, judgment, rewards or no rewards, crowns being cast at the feet of Jesus, all that —. Certain images in the Bible are most likely symbolic but symbolic of something beyond our comprehension at the moment.
But Coco and the movie that implies that death is not so morbid ---- as you cited — I would think death might be extremely morbid for some. Hitler, for example??? The general idea that in heaven people will be transformed into something like Christ and that someday all of creation will be redeemed – that is about all that is known. The rest is for future discovery.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #39

If it is too irreverent, then we’re both in trouble!

(Robin) #40

Not sure what is meant here. ““Letting go of the self that we acquired””??? Are you and I capable of acquiring??? hmmmmmmmmmmm,maybe the whole subject should be dropped.