What Are Your Favorite Christmas Traditions?

(Randy) #21

but do they have meat in them in England? the ones I’m thinking of don’t have meat–at least, in our family. Mom loves them. :slight_smile:

And I honestly think that the English country side is beautiful–the snow is neat for 2 weeks, and then I would be happy to return to warmer weather :), I sometimes think. However, I am grateful for the weather anyway. I’m getting used to it.

(Phil) #22

My mom made mincemeat pies when I was a child, and I see mince for sale in the grocery, so sure many still do, but not as commonly as before. Just looking at her old cookbook, a recipe for mincemeat actually had cooked beef shank in it, though commercial mince now is vegetarian.

(Shawn T Murphy) #23

Here is our traditional Christmas Fondue.

With the traditional tree ready to be lit.

(RiderOnTheClouds) #24

No, they don’t

(Randy) #25

Another myth busted. Neat. Thanks.

(Randy) #26

Swiss fondue? Neat.

(Shawn T Murphy) #27

Yes, this one is called Fondue chinoise (Chinese Fondue). Essentially a vegetable broth hotpot to cook the meats, served with six traditional mayonnaises. Lot’s of wine and little bit of rice…

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