What are the various views on the origin of the spirit?

What are the various views on the origin of the spirit in Humans from an Evolution standpoint?

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Not everything comes from evolution.


“The oracle of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him…” Zechariah 12:1

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Thank you! I didn’t even know this verse. I never read Zechariah for some reason.

I know, i just wanted to know from someone who believes in evolution, when did God give Humans a spirit or something. i know spirits don’t come from evolution though

Since I believe the spirit to be immaterial, though natural, I don’t think it can arise through material processes. If anything in this world is created de novo, I believe it to be the human spirit. When and how the spirit is conferred upon our human bodies is unknown to me and surely a great mystery.

Ya, I think it will always be hard to tell when exactly it came. But we can keep searching I guess


Any scenario I’ve ever read about God invoking Evolution is that Evolution is used to create the fleshly engine … until God can lodge the “spirit”, or “soul” or “moral awareness” that comes from the realm of the Divine!

Nobody seems to reqiure anything further when seeing God and Evolution as working together in the same way that God and the Water Cycle work together to give God the ability to create rain and snow storms as required.

That cannot be known precisely. When we see evidence that ancient humans buried their dead, left grave goods, etc. we have a good clue that our ancestors were thinking about spiritual matters.


In a number of previous posts, I have presented scientific evidence that humankind arrived on the scene in a Great Leap Forward, and thus seems to be an exception to Darwinian evolution. As @beaglelady pointed out, good evidence that this was the beginnings of human spirituality comes from burials with grave goods, indicating a belief in an afterlife. The use of symbols and their importance in the invention of language is also a landmark event
Al Leo

Jay and @DarkX_Studios
Evolution is not a material process.

Why do I say this?

First of all evolution is a rational process, rationally conceived by God and rationally carried out. Of course it is also rationally understood. So it is both a physical and rational process.

Second, evolution is a spiritual process in that it has a purpose and goal. Having a purpose and goal is not characteristic of something that is strictly physical. Evolution is a physical, rational, and spiritual process, which means that God used it to created many kinds of organisms, including human beings.

Atheists say that Nature is only physical, and therefore it is not rational and has no meaning and purpose. However it is clear to most people that Nature is rationally structured (which is the basis for the discipline of science,) and Life has meaning and purpose (which is the basis of philosophy and theology.) Therefore it is clear that Nature is not only material, but also rational and spiritual.

This also means that Western dualism based on the mind/body or supernatural/natural, or rational and spiritual/physical is mistaken also. That humans have a spirit which is separate from the body and mind is clear evidence that we are physical, rational, and spiritual beings living in a physical, rational, and spiritual universe, created by God in God’s Image.


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