Vitamin D shown to be very effective for Covid patients in a RCT

Darwin Award! Genes removed from the gene pool if they drank the bleach before reproducing.

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Love one another. As I have loved you, so must you love one another.

We were speaking in the abstract, dear boy, and not about anyone in particular, quite comparable to your remark,

Exactly. Vitamin D is not water-soluble. So you should check with your doctor about how much is safe to take.

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Yes agreed. Vitamin D is tricky and though difficult we can get too much, the other problem is that it takes our bodies time to generate the active form and raise level to what we think is a healthy level.

Just to share that it’s not really a secret that Dr Fauci himself has stated he takes a large dose of vitamin D ( 6000 Iu) daily. Stating that all the studies support vitamin d deficiency is associated with infection.

Citation, please. I don’t doubt that he takes a D supplement, but I question the 6000 IU.

Ssshhh. It’s a secret we don’t want anyone to know.

Why don’t you just ask Dr. Fauci.

I guess we can conclude that you do not know what you are talking about and just made it up.

Here’s the source, a screenshot from a video:

So then as the conspiracy goes, his own organization recommends less to keep you sick.

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