Thoughts on the Penrose-Hameroff hypothesis

Why is it a choice. His attributes describe his essence and they are unchangeable.

That is the difference between the creation of theologians to serve their own ends and the God who is real. It is not what we have by nature, let alone what some philosophers fabricate in their attempt to define the subject of their profession. It is what we do with what we have that makes us who and what we are – what we ourselves choose rather than perceptions of others. That is our essence. And since the God I believe in is a personal God, He is no different in that respect.

I am surprise you don’t see the problem with pushing an ideology by assigning and essence to God. Doesn’t it make more sense to let God tell us what His essence consists of?

He does.  

We cannot do things with what we do not have, can we, or that are contrary and contradictory to our essence. We can dream, speaking of dream gods like you always do.


That’s right. We can only choose between the possibilities we are aware of. But God doesn’t have that problem, does He?

Yes we most certainly can!!!

It is not wise and cannot end well. It is self-destructive. But yes, we can.

Physically? Feel free to knock down Mt. Rushmore with your head. In your dreams.

Your edited addition. Feel free to try and jump straight up in the air ten feet. It won’t end any worse than how high you can actually jump (for a kind of lame off the cuff example). Your essence will not let you do it. Or lie prostrate on the floor and try to fly. (Do it supine if you’d rather.) That will be so self-destructive and end so badly.

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