The Remarkable Conversion of Molly Worthen

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I wouldn’t call where universities put courses a good measure of whether or not something uses science.
But just for fun I took a web look and quickly found a dozen universities where a student can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in history – not just in archaeology, but in history.

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It’s as relevant as your question about history courses being listed in a science department – either one says the university doing it considers that history is sufficiently a science to have the name attached.

Maybe evangelical colleges make up their own rules.

Somehow I doubt that universities with “state” and “institute of technology” in their names are evangelical, such as Utah State, or those just named after a state such as the University of Wisconsin, or places such as Columbia University of New York or West Texas A & M University, and Marian University in Wisconsin certainly isn’t!

One can have a Bachelor of Science degree in a non-scientific field.

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