The question of the origin of religion

What belief was that again? Does it have anything to do with Jesus? And science? Is it rational in that that there is no question of the origin of religion beyond natural?

And this is useless isn’t it? Phase III perplexity in conflict with phase I certainty. How do we get to phase IV harmony regardless? Down to me isn’t it?

My raison d’être here has been to double down on rationality which is subservient or compromised at all levels on BioLogos. Which proves Hume - reason is the slave of the passions and rightly so - and Nietzsche - morality is nothing but herd instinct in the individual - even more right than they already were. The fictions we call beliefs are essential for group identity which is essential for survival.


Well somehow we’ve got to convince ourselves of the fiction of harmony. Of love. Any ideas?

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