The Location of the Flood

Genesis 1-11 is pre-history rather than history.

You need to realise that the Old Testament is not just history, but the history of Israel. The story of Israel only gets started properly in Genesis 12 with the call of Abraham, and from that point on you see detailed and intricate accounts of people’s lives, conversations, and interactions with God and with each other. By contrast, Genesis 1-11 contains only a brief overview of vast reaches of time in very broad brush strokes. It’s like comparing Van Gogh’s Starry Night to photos from the Hubble Space Telescope.


Nice post James. I would ask you to consider adding two things to it.

  • Revelations and Genesis 1 should be considered pre-history.
    Keep in mind that every place in the Bible has its Heavenly counterpart - The country called Israel is not just ‘land of milk and honey’ that was promised, but a place in Heaven called Israel.

Best Wishes, Shawn

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