The "How" to Gracious Dialogue with Mónica Guzmán | The Gift of Curiosity

We have received a lot of feedback at BioLogos about the “how” of having gracious dialogue. This is a great podcast episode that includes some practical/tactical steps to fostering grace, which inherently includes curiosity and extending generosity in seeking to understand.

I hope everyone here will listen (she actually talks about transcripts and what we miss out sometimes on by just using those!). I think if we all take a page from her book, we will all be a little more gentle and generous around here.


In a world of increasing division, Mónica Guzmán offers advice for approaching conversation with curiosity. When we attempt to understand those who we disagree with, instead of merely attempting to change their beliefs, we are able to see people more fully and to even learn more about our own beliefs and ideas.


Ooh! I am looking forward to learning from this! Thank you!

It strikes me I can use this in any situation–work, home, etc.


Thanks, Hillary. This is really useful.



Sometimes the hardest people to give this deference to are those closest to you!