The fall of UC Irvine geneticist Francisco J. Ayala

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Wow, very thorough and enlightening. That helps my prejudices about how we perceive how everyone else thinks about closeness! Thanks.

@Mervin_Bitikofer and others discussed the validity of work of those who are hypocritical or produce bad things. Classically, skeptics ask how we can accept a God or Bible who condones ethnic cleansing, killing of the first born, and punishing the descendants and other innocents for evil. John Calvin burnt an opponent at the stake! Karl Barth reportedly kept his mistress in his own house

I agree we need to look at people as potentially flawed, and not as heroes. I don’t know how best to do that. The Bible does point out that we have to be constantly careful lest we stumble, too. With the latest sad story about Larry Nasser, we realize that physicians are equally at risk. I always bring a chaperone in with me for any appropriate exams; and I often ask her for advice as to how to avoid compromising situations. Our practice is reviewing standards thoroughly to be even more responsible. I’m glad.


That’s good. It protects the patient, and protects you from false allegations.