The Exodus no or little evidence

A spiral is both eternal and cyclical. Similarly, every life builds on the past and moves at a higher level. That, in my study, is the only unsaid explanation in the book of Job.

How could I persuade you to consider?

Convince me that the Judeo-Christian God whom I call Father has not providentially intervened in my life on a small multitude of occasions in my more than threescore and ten years. (That will be difficult. Here’s one little episode: Nephrectomy.)

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It is also quite rare among Jews. Apparently most common though not very in Jews from the Caucasus, an area which also has a moderate number of non-Jews with it. This means most likely that those Jewish men with it are descended from male converts of the area or from Jewish women who have been raped/seduced/etc by local non-Jewish men and had children. For at least the last couple of thousand years, being Jewish is through the maternal line so the children would still be seen as Jewish. Add in a few male line descendants who traveled to other Jewish communities and that would lead to rare occurrence in other Jewish populations.

That could explain if there was prevalence of r.m124 in the Caucasus. But this gene is massively prevalent only in india to my knowledge. Secondly, it is only found among ashkenazi who I understand are the most ancient. I do not know of any connection of ancient Jews with the Caucasus.

Congrats. If I understand you correctly, your kidney problem was cured by Grace. I am with you on this. My point is that having amore credible location for Abraham would only increase the faith in Him.

Gracious timing and placing, but yes, still grace.

My faith has little to do with where Abraham came from. Ur is fine by me.


However, I recall one of the Popes saying that historicity of Jesus complements his faith. Rest is your call.

We get bull-gods in the Near East as well.

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For what it’s worth, I think Ur of the Chaldeans was probably Urfa in Eastern Turkey. I think there’s plenty of evidence for Hittite/Northern Syrian customs in the Torah, like the purgation rite in Leviticus 4, which is similar to the zurki offering. (see Yitzhaq Feder on this point)

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Agree. It would be instructive to examine whether the near East bull such as baal have any important differences with Aaron’s golden calf. It seems to me that baal was worshipped asan idol in a temple while the Hebrews honoured the calf. I do not know if there is a hebrew tradition of worshipping a calf. It would be plausible that the two traditions have different origins if they are dissimilar.

We would have to make a comparative assessment of the similarities of the Torah with hittite and Hindu traditions. My study shows many unique similarities with the Hindus such as nose pin, Rachel’s idols, red lentil soup, terahs idols, astrologers of ur chaldea and many more. Ideas were floating in the air hence similarities could arise.

Look up ‘the calf of El’ at Ugarit

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Astrology originated in Mesopotamia, and is often attested there.

Ok thank you for explaining that I’m on track. I think I’m comprehending this. :volcano:

Volcanoes further southwest, cause upstream dry land for Hebrews to cross, I wonder if others thinks volcanoes causes dry land too?

How many mud volcanoes were needed?

Do you think Hingol Mud Volcano is the only volcano erupted or what about Chandragup mud volcano or other volcanos that erupted?

What are the chances that more than one volcano erupts at the same time?

Is one Volcano enough or do you think more Volcanos erupted?

Then as you were explaining above about erosion, Pharaoh and his men drown due to water rushed through. I wonder if others think this too., that volcanos cause this situation?

We’re all Allah light and I allow Allah light teach me.

“Baal” basically means Lord. Thus, in principle, it could be an appropriate title to use for God. However, it was strongly associated with its use as a title for pagan gods, and so became unsuitable. It’s a bit like the way that “il duce” is merely Italian for “the leader” but, having been Mussolini’s favored title, would not be a good thing to call your boss these days.


And we’re all Allah light so then Baal could mean Allah light too then right?

I have some difficulty in saying that Allah is the same as the Christian God since I do not worship in an Arabic-speaking Christian church nor do I speak Arabic. I could get used to it if I did, but to me it denotes or at the least connotes the Islamic understanding of who God is, and they are not the same. We had a decent discussion about this last fall: Origins of Yahweh?

Did I read correctly that you lost your kidney? I want to make sure I comprehended correctly

You survived Kidney Cancer.
I survived severe infection in my kidneys when I was 3 years old. However I don’t remember this.

So we both had Kidney situation

I think you and I have the same God. Do you think you and I have the same God?

During the Exodus era: how did people deal with Kidney cancer or severe kidneys infection do you know? Did they know anything about kidneys?

I allow God teach me in the midst of my situations

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Here is an interesting article on kidneys in the Bible.
The Kidneys in the Bible: What Happened?

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