Seminar on Origins (Haarsmas) for my CC group, need advice!

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Yes, that was surprising to me as well, and awkward! I wonder if Todd will reply in some way…

Community programs on science-faith topics?
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Thanks to everyone who offered ideas! We had five families participate in all or some of the seminars which was a nice size group for discussion (5-10 people). It also opened discussion with a few people who didn’t participate but nonetheless wanted to know how it was going or what it was about.

For anyone interested in doing something similar, here is a record of what we covered:

There were varying opinions of the Origins book, but I think overall it was the gentlest way to introduce the concept of real Christians holding old earth and/or evolutionary creationist views. A few people would have preferred a book that presented all 4 views (YEC, OEC, EC, ID) with no preference/bias…but I hadn’t seen anything like that from the post-human genome project era :slight_smile: Maybe the new book in Zondervan’s Counterpoints series will fill that void