Resource list for non-YEC material?

(Christy Hemphill) #21

I have not seen this kids version before, but I have the adult version and it is very much along that lines of seeing creation as something that calls us to stand in awe of God. I don’t remember there being any anti-science stuff there. In fact, I think Jennifer Wiseman (NASA scientist and friend of BioLogos) wrote a promo for it.

(Phil) #22

I ordered this book for my 4 year old grandkids, thought it was good, neutral as to origins, but presents the creation of light as something more as something that surrounds us and is within us rather than a strictly literal thing.
I think that by presenting broader concepts from an early age may help kids in understanding conceptional ideas later. Anyway, nice little book.

(Laura) #23

Glad to hear it’s a good one – I read a preview of it once and the rhymes made me think of Dr. Seuss a little bit, which is always a good thing.

Also along the lines of creation, I read this board book on NetGalley and plan to get it as a Christmas present – it uses opposites to illustrate parts of the creation story – very simple, but good.

(Randy) #24

Yes, my wife and I read this 13 years ago when dating. Good one…
Boundaries in Dating.