Regarding Numbers 5

No. I didn’t have time or enough mobile data. I was at the E.R. with a kid with a dislocated knee cap. And fitting in all the recommended videos here is just not possible. An abstract would be helpful.

Sounds awful…I hope everything turns out okay.

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Thank you. She’s ok.

Well, to some extent in regards to dose to body size, and some things may well be toxic due to metabolic differences ( which is a really interesting thing regarding drug responses these days, with genetic deferences being detectable and having therapeutic implications) but, in general, poison for me is probably poison for you. Since the subjects were all adult women of childbearing age in a fairly genetically homogenous population, I would think if toxic for one it would be toxic to all.

Tabernacle dust would be pretty yucky I would think, though. Lots of dried blood and animal matter from the offerings.

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It would be a thoroughly traumatic and humiliating experience experience for the woman. She could be put through this ordeal even if there was no evidence against her; the husband could simply be suspicious. Men were not put through anything like that. And they could have all the wives and concubines they wanted.


That time was not easy for women. In those circumstances, this kind of test could be a blessing to the woman.

Think of a women with a jealous man that suspects her of adultery. What can the woman do, how can she show that she is innocent? Without this kind of test, there would be no way to show she is innocent. The fate of that woman would probably be bad.

It may be that such a woman would remind her husband of the test and say that it would show she is inncocent. After the test, when there is no adverse effects, the man has to accept that the woman is not guilty.


Yes, it might have saved the lives of some women. But these women would not have had much of a life with a crazy, jealous husband.

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