Pregnancy: too badly designed? Zygotes not implanted, miscarriages... where's God?

(Christy Hemphill) #130

Interesting. It’s the computer overlords who close threads six days after the last response, but there isn’t even a warning at the bottom. Hmmm.

(Phil) #131

What a great Psalm. I looked it up on Bible Gateway a few minutes ago, and they gave the KJV which speaks on being impaled on unicorn horns, which is interesting and makes me smile (NRSV changes to wild oxen).
I’ve seen others suffer and suffered a bit a times from depression, which the psalmist seems to be in the midst of, and while we know it does not compare to the suffering of Christ, in the depths of depression, the pain is very real and the loneliness and despair great, even to the death unfortunately for some. Like singing the blues, the Psalm brings hope in the midst of the pain, and verbalizing the pain helps work through it.

(And usually, as Christy commented, if a moderator kills a thread, its stays dead.:wink: If we can’t kill it, it is immortal. Threads of comments on a blog article posted on the site are pretty much immortal. Most commonly, there will be an ending comment by the moderator as to why if they kill a thread.

(Marvin Adams) #132

Allways find it fascinating when people only understand unicorns as fairytale characters.
Todd Friel gives a nice lesson on Unicorns in the bible and gives some historic context on their description.
The Psalm is an imagination of the Crucifixion ahead of the event, also known as the song of lament. Thus the final words of “es ist vollbracht” of the Passion is reflecting this finalisation to the glorification of the Lord at the end of the psalm.

(I thought threads have an automatic execution after 6 days of no comment, so if they are of sufficient interest they have to be born again :wink: )

(Mervin Bitikofer) #133

You all are making it seem as if you’ve never seen a resurrection before! :open_mouth:

(Mark D.) #134

Geez Mervin, just how old are you? No wonder you believe.

(Marvin Adams) #135

I thought I just stated the opposite :flushed:

(Mervin Bitikofer) #136

Oh – I’ve seen plenty an old thread resurrected to new life around here! I’m definitely a believer. And then there are also some threads that might be called “Methusaleh threads”.

(Mitchell W McKain) #137

where is God?

Not in the role of a designer.

This antiquated idea of God as a watchmaker confuses living things with machines. The fact that living things self-organize, i.e. create themselves through growth and leaning is what it means to be alive. One day we will design machines using DNA chemistry and they will not be alive, because life isn’t matter of what we are made of. So failure and death is a unavoidable fact of life, which requires us to overcome such challenges. We have been at it for billions of years with the rather slow process of evolution, but now we can solve problems much faster with the techniques of science.

So where does that leave God? The same place He has always been despite the delusions of various preachers and theologians. Not as a designer or controller but as a participant in our lives giving us the smallest nudges (inspiration) towards better ways of doing things.