People are physical, rational, and spiritual

The issue is not “how they work together”. That is proving a negative. It does not exist. That is the issue.

What exist is the ability of transferring thought. Not quite the “power of suggestion” but that may be a side effect. We have no physical connection and by extension control of the spiritual reality of the soul. And yet it exist in physical reality just beyond our ability to physically realize this spiritual reality is there. In fact the term “spiritual” seems out moded, because it is relegated to a religious concept with no basis in reality at all.

The reality is that this spiritual dimension can affect the physical, but the physical does not have the ability to co-affect in any significant amount. So asking how it works can affect an array of emotional responses. The physical will never have an answer until the spiritual side of the equation is given back into the ability of the physical to interact in any meaningful way.

Dear Shaun,
You ask a very important question, How does the spiritual work together with the material. There is a fair amount of information about this subject. The most graphic is the autopsy work done by Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker showing how a fatal wound appears as a bloody birthmark on the infant body where the reincarnated spirit arrives. In other words, the wounded spirit translates the wound to the physical body after it enters - the wounded spirit injures the flesh. This is the most dramatic display of the spirit interacting with the flesh.

The less dramatic cases are the everyday cases of conscience. The spirit communicates with the body through the “heart” or actually the soul which is in a similar location. The spirit cannot communicate with an unenlightened person in any conscious way, but only the pangs in the heart (soul). It is a very ineffective communication, but often helpful to guide the conscious mind.

I started to use the word “spirit” only recently. And I’m skeptical about its independent existence.

If we suppose we all have the same type of mind or “mental machine”,
then " the ability of transferring thought" can be easily explained.

Thoughts are the result of the mental function. The mental procedure is natural. We don’t control it nor feel it. If the mind gets the same input, and processes the input in the same way, then the mind gets the same output, the thought. We don’t understand just after we receive/hear thoughts. We have to link the thoughts to the input (facts, etc.) If we feel naturally reach the same conclusion, then we understand.

We do not transfer thoughts. If we hear the thoughts but don’t understand based on the facts we know, we would disagree. If we trust someone and accept his thoughts, that’s more like following or obeying.

Brain injuries can affect the “spiritual” performance.

Dear Shawn,
Please explain

Why is the spirit so attracted to a living body and why does it hate a dead body?

What type of relationship between the spirit and the body is? Mutual or predatory, team work, or else?

Dear Shaun,
A human is a symbioses between a material body and a spiritual body (dualism). It is the spirit that gives the fetus life once it is separated from the mother. The fetus would have no life without the cooperating spirit. There is no attraction or hatred involve. The spirits are assigned to the particular newborn and family based on the laws of Karma.

This is the case for the reincarnated spirit. There are also other spirits that can molest the incarnated spirit, often past life relationships that need some type of closure. The symptoms of this type of molestation are anxiety, depression or schizophrenia. The works of Dr. Carl Wickland and Dr. Edith Fiore explain these phenomena.

So on your view here, Shawn, prior to traveling the birth canal … the fetus is a bit of lifeless meat? Then after traveling the birth canal, it’s suddenly a living, spiritual being?

It doesn’t work like that physically. And whatever sources you have that lead you to believe it works that way spiritually (or that you can even know this stuff to the detail you claim to), you would have been better served sticking with mainstream science and mainstream theology. For all of their faults, they at least don’t have people fumbling down roads like yours here.

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Dear Mervin,
You have taken my comment out of context again. The fetus cannot live without either the mother or its own spirit. The spirit can enter the fetus at any time from conception to birth. There is no hard and fast rule because it depends on the viability of the pregnancy and other factors we cannot know.

Science does not accept the presence of the spirit so nothing physically can be measured.

Best Wishes, Shawn

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[quote=“gmt, post:98, topic:40661”]
The question is HOW could they work together or interact? (The spiritual input? The physical input? Do they need a converter between them? Is the converter something new to our knowledge?)

Now there are no such things as spiritual things, There are only spiritual beings. I do not know about you, but I have a spiritual aspect to my life, and I hope you do too. This aspect of life allows me to love, hope, and enjoy others and life in general. I hope you are able to do so also. On the negative it also makes it possible to fear and hate.

I and you also have a physical and rational (mental) aspects to our lives. Therefore it is a combination of the physical and the rational that trigger love and fear. They are all interdependent. I am one person with three aspects of my person, body, mind, and spirit, all working together.

If humans knew how the spirit worked with the physical, this conversation would be like chatting up the benefits of police in human governance. We have no connection with our spirit period. Brain damage has no bearing on the connection, because that would imply there is a connection. Brain damage only effects the ability of how the physical interprets and interacts in physical reality. There is no way our spirit can take over and control our physical body, nor can our physical self take over and control our spiritual self. That was the death given at the fall of Adam.

Now we can let God via the Holy Spirit take control, and other spirits not our own, can take control but there is no connection in doing so. That is why re-incarnation cannot work. Taking over control of another physical entity is not part of a process, because that control ends in death all around. The self spirit gets lost, the controlling spirit is in the wrong body. The whole process is the result of humans who reject God and the natural way God created, ending in spiritual wickedness and depravity.

The only way to prove that all of humanity has not lost this connection would be producing a human who is not a descendant of Adam and can clearly demonstrate a full connection where the physical controls the spiritual and the spiritual controls the physical and the spiritual self can be clearly seen by all humans.

Dear Shawn,

When I read your replies, a vampire crossed my mind. The living body would produce something that attracts the vampire and the dead body stops producing and the vampire leaves.

My functionalist view is if the spirit is part of a whole life, then it must have some job to do, like our arms consuming something also doing their job.

So, do you think the spirit is something more like a vampire or our arms?

Please don’t use Karma reasoning. That’s for old wives.

In theory Jesus was a descendent of Adam, but not of Adam’s sin per the Roman Catholic Church. He did not have a human father and Mary was conceived without sin, that is without sex, “the Immaculate Conception.”

Dear Roger, Please be careful not to imply that sex is sinful.
Best Wishes, Shawn

A moral law, even if set up by God for humans, is not the same issue. Adam’s fall was not about morals, which Shawn is correct on. Morality is just an inopportune side affect of free will. Free will is not free, just like living in a free nation is not free. The freedom enjoyed by American citizens comes at the cost of thousands of human lives.

Jesus is God, so the events of his birth does not matter. Trying to say that Mary was born in an unnatural way, is science fiction. Nor does the life of Jesus count as an example. Jesus was God Himself satisfying God’s conditions of restoration. But the restoration only works if indeed one submits to the realization that the Holy Spirit is the only restoration currently available.

The topic is not about the restoration per se. However it would seem logical that if one did not understand the history of what happened one would only get bogged down in human philosophy and religious concepts. The key being only human imaginations.

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