Op-Ed: As a doctor in a COVID unit, I’m running out of compassion for the unvaccinated. Get the Shot

It’s all about tribal loyalty.


That’s sad. It reminds me of when my younger son was in grade school – he would intentionally wear mismatched sports socks. (We had no problem with it – if that was going to be the extent of his rebellion, we could live with it. :slightly_smiling_face:) The practice became disallowed at the school, however, because some older girls had a snobbish clique and they would pre-arrange the ‘in’ signal for the next day, excluding others. Mismatched socks was one of the identifiers. Too many adults are acting like elementary school girls when it comes to COVID. :confused:


I’m losing my patience as well. There are these two goons that live in my town that are mad because I talked about how vaccines help reduce the spread of viruses and shared this link.

Then this lady, who is there mom, said I’m stupid if I think vaccines will kill a virus and it won’t ever come back” and so I responded with well I never made that claim because that’s not what I believe or what I said.

Then her two boys start commenting and talking about how they will jump me lol. The dudes are goofs. They are in their 40s and one of them is still trying to become a rapper. The dude sometimes stands outside of gas stations and drums on metal trash cans with his hands while rapping and he’s 40.

I did not try to tease them though. Just told them do whatever it is you want and I’ll react as necessary and that after whatever happens I’ll call the cops on them too.


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