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If so Origen have to say a word for it. He wrote a whole apologetic on someone who claimed that Jesus came from a human soldier.

For the record, Origen’s “word” was a lengthy response to Celsus, whom Origen identified as an Epicurean, addressed Celsus’ attack on Christianity and his claim " that some Jews said Jesus’ father was actually a Roman soldier named [Pantera]" ( Origen considered the Jewish claim a fabrication. And so do I. What’s intriguing about the claim is that there are Jews and former-Christian Noachides who continue to make the slanderous claim today.

Big deal. Anti-Jesus slander is rarely, if ever, new news except to naive, young anti-christian warriors practicing their anti-christian debating skills. I am not anti-Jesus.

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Fair enough it just seemed to me that you were making this assumption from the comment read and responded. Im sorry if i have wronged you.

It is really not “coming out” as people with these conditions are fully male and female, yet have health challenges related to their condition. It is uncommon, but not that rare, and am sure many serve well in the Kingdom work.

I know a lady with Turner syndrome, a good friend and neighbor, who worked as an OB gyn in the missionary hospital my father did in Niger

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You sure about that?

I only pointed out the distinction between God being the Father in a spritual/relational sense versus some kind of procreative sense as important because the heretical idea that God had sex with Mary to produce Jesus is what some Muslims think Christians believe and for that reason they think Christianity is a vile, blasphemous religion. So we need to be clear that isn’t what we think.

I am very certain of it.

I don’t think anyone would have confused my joke for pushing a real concept of God having sex with Mary for a few reasons.

  1. It was typed very clearly as a joke.
  2. With a few sentences following the joke I listed clearly that despite Jesus having no biological father I imagine he was still an actual male and not a genderless or transsexual being and that his maleness would have been a reflection of the father as the son brought about by a miracle.

I also don’t believe that God was merely the symbolic father of Jesus either like the one guy suggested through the verses that the righteous calls God the father and the reason why is that it mentions that Jesus , and only Jesus, is the begotten son of god and it’s especially clear in greek. But that’s already laid out in the previous post.

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