MacDonald (as selected by Lewis)

That it be obedience to God is the key. There are times in scriptures when even just believing or trusting seems to be the work that God demands. But faith will always be known by its works. Our Lord seemed to be unwavering about that. Even to the point of insisting that you will never get salt water from a fresh spring, or vice versa … a particular teaching that I really struggle over because of the harsh judgmentalism that would seem to necessarily follow.

(263) Love

Now hate keeps its object present even more than the opposite passion.
Love makes everything lovely; hate concentrates itself on the one thing

These quotes drawn from GM’s “Alec Forbes ” various volumes - Ch. 43.


(264) A False Method

But the secret place of the Most High will not be entered after this fashion; and Thomas felt that he was shut out. It is not by driving away our brother that we can be alone with God. Thomas’s plaid could not isolate him with his Maker, for communion with God is never isolation. In such a mood, the chamber with the shut door shuts out God too, and one is left alone with himself, which is the outer darkness.

These quotes drawn from GM’s “Alec Forbes ” various volumes - Ch. 45.