Jeanson's book "Traced": How to Explain its Faults to Lay People?

Then the high schools aren’t preparing these students. Maybe they belong in remedial classes. Maybe they aren’t even college material and should go for a trade instead. Some students have to deal with very big challenges-- they might have to juggle kids and/or a job along with school work. Or they might not speak English as their first language. So don’t feel bad about making students read their assignments.

My dear Bryan. I’m glad. Just pull your horns in. Survive. Make it. Wine has been taken. I shared your situation with my wife and a dear neighbour mutual friend (the Gazarene) as it was being taken, here in sunny Leicester. Argentine Malbec. They were horrified. Better than Cahors! Sorry, but I wouldn’t touch Napa. How long you got to go? Get up them trails. Write the naked rebuttal to it all and publish the day you retire. Survival is epic. As in Polanski’s awesome The Pianist with the perfect Brody.

Aye Phil. But there is evil behind the vale.

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'choo mean woman?! It was in some way inappropriate!? Living in a culture where to ask the question is heresy? I’ve BEEN THERE! And I didn’t actually ask the question! I merely shook my head! Here in England!!! In the Via Media, so called. It was scary.

Calm down, Martin! Nothing inappropriate. Did the homeopathic reference terrify you? How do homeopaths decide what to “prescribe”?

Yes, as to the heresy of asking questions…Well, God bless you, Martin, for your kindness and graciousness to me for all the questions I’ve asked you. Repeatedly. Relentlessly.

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I could take early retirement as early as next year, if I had to. Otherwise I plan to hang on for six more years. I enjoy teaching and my students have had no problems with my teaching real science. If I were to be fired for ideological reasons, there would likely be quite a backlash. I have been liked by many and have many colleagues and friends who would almost certainly make noise. I am not all that concerned, since even if I did retire next year, I would get full retirement from my retirement plan, only social security would be lower, but I could work a few years elsewhere, if needed to wait for Social Security to catch up.

Not sure I am the expose type, but I will definitely feel freer to speak and write as I please once retired, as so many others who have retired have done. So, no worries.


That is a good observation. It seems to be a pattern of pseudoscience and fake medicine (such as in Covid) peddlers to appeal to the masses who swallow their theories whole, based on gut reaction rather than knowledge.


I love playing video games with my kids, and find them to be relaxing and a great topic for conversation. ( Though I still don’t get all the Pokemon details!) Everything in moderation seems to go better.

Thanks for teaching.


It seems to me that if BioLogos really believed that student literacy is being negatively impacted by screen time and the like, they would not be offering their Integrate curriculum as a digital download.

I am sorry. I don’t think I was clear. AAP (American Association of Pediatricians) only recommends stricter rules in the under 5s, with (what I like) actually watching things together and playing with kids over 5
Beyond Screen Time: Help Your Kids Build Healthy Media Use Habits -
I am sorry. Integrate is great! Our kids also had video streaming for Covid.

I was not clear on that, and I can see that I blurred the lines… They have much broader recommendations over that age–they say families can make guidelines together. This link is really helpful to me.
Constantly Connected: How Media Use Can Affect Your Child -

Thanks. Again, I’m sorry I was sloppy. And I can admit I spend too much time on the Internet, as evidence by plenty of posts I make on Biologos!

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Don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong!

I have to tell you a funny story. One time my brother’s 2nd wife looked out the window, and my brother’s kid and a friend were lying on their backs on their trampoline, playing with their “game boys” (game consoles)


I don’t feel bad about requiring students to read. I am more frustrated than anything. I know the reading is essential for quality learning and am at a loss as to how to convince them that is the case.


I would just say that they need to learn the material for the sake of their future patients or clients, depending on their career choices. Or even for the sake of their future professors, who want well-prepared incoming students. We all have benefitted from people, who, in the past, struggled to master the material that was taught to them. I’m sure they want their college degree to mean something. Good luck!

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That is funny–thanks!
I saw this–it reminds me of that story!


Another thought. (Hope this is not too much advice.) The beginning of a new term is approaching, so it’s an ideal time to communicate your expectations to your incoming students. Add this information to the syllabus, and since students never read the syllabus, go over it with them in class on the first day.

You might provide them with a list of university resources and other resources to help them over the rough places.

Yes, I read it on Kindle from my library.

When did you read it? Based on the book, are you going to make recommendations on the homeschooling part of BioLogos?

Just put a hold on this at my library. Another book that came out about the same time provided lots of fascinating data on what the digital age is doing to our young people (and likely, many of the rest of us too): iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us by Jean M. Twenge. I recommend it. And yes, I have read it, for anyone who wonders. :smiley:


I read it a couple years ago because my sister-in-law, a high school and college English teacher, asked me to discuss it with her.

If it came up, I would recommend it, but I don’t think it would be of interest to everyone. Plus most homeschoolers are actually requiring far more long-form reading and reading of books than public schools these days.

Might want to see if Cliff’s Noted the title.

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