Is there any scientific knowledge to be found in the Bible?

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Interesting! @heddle

Here’s a paragraph you wrote:

“Whether Jacob believed in his breeding techniques or whether God instructed him to perform it as a sort of rite, like Moses holding up his rod so that the Jewish army would prevail over the Amalakites, we do not know. In either case, God, not [some wild or] invalid theories of breeding, increased Jacob’s flock at the expense of Laban’s.”

I was hoping you would make this clarification.

But it does have the makings of a pagan story… more akin to the “confusing” of the tongues at the building of the tower. Great story - - but ultimately kind of silly.


You are the one explaining how God did something that isn’t documented in the Bible. So why are you saying what God did?


It used to equal 3 but it changed like the speed of light…



I just went back and read Genesis 30:25-43. I noticed something interesting. The story is a combination of the miraculous and the practical. The stripped branches appeared to cause a change in the breeding of the sheep and goats. But Jacob was also applying some natural principles of animal husbandry. Notice he only laid down the branches when the strong animals were breeding and not when the feeble animals were breeding. So he ended up with strong but discolored animals. A joint effort of God and Jacob. All in all one of my favorite OT stories.

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So, you contend that God went through each little rib cell, duplicated the X chromosome and zapped the Y chromosome in each cell, added some dirt or other unknown mass to raise it up to a reasonable rate, and thus made what is essentially a clone of Adam, minus a Y chromosome. And that explains why Adam was made first. That makes a figurative interpretation almost boring. A least just leave it as God miraculously created Eve, and I can respect that. I will excuse myself from the conversation but please carry on without me.

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Once I had learned about the “Y” chromosome in school, it seems obvious that God had to eliminate them from the Eve genome.

Would you rather the miracle was construed as:

  1. get the rib from Adam
  2. turn the rib into an apple
  3. now turn the apple into Eve.

Doesn’t that still mean that God is doing a lot of microscopic work in step (3)?

I’m not sure I understand the source of your disappointment…

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