Is Einstein's view the best

Let me play the Devil’s advocate,albeit, Dr. Ravi Zacharias has intellectually and scientifically tamed even the best skeptics or even atheists, I strongly feel ,he will loose in the following query. I aver that If God is also omnipotent, pure evil cannot exist.But the Nazi regime was absolutely evil in their actions and the presupposed christian God, who occasionally interferes like in Cancer patients, missed the same.Another example, is the feudal forces in India has created 260 million illiterates, living as trogdolytes.That is the question Dr. Ravi Zacharias should answer… Hence, this exceptionality, have to be reviewed. Therefore, Einstein’s view God is kindly and absent minded is the best answer.


Since God is the Source of all power, I would agree that there is nothing that is pure evil. Hitler it seems loved dogs and had a girl friend. I am not aware of the problems of illiteracy in India, but there have been mass murder in some countries.

God allows evil, because without that real possibility there can be no good.

That always makes me wonder what Heaven would be like. Would there have to be evil in Heaven?

When there is too much evil evident, that means of unimaginable proportions, then God can’t be a passive spectator or else the victims deserve it. I don’t know for sure whether that is the case.

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@07PRADEEP Is there a question related to science and faith in your question?

To put some words to what you’re asking, you are advocating for a deist God instead of one that personally interacts with his creation. So a god that set up the universe, got it running and then stepped back.

Your challenge to Ravi is the related to the question of theodicy… if you are interested in what Ravi Zacharias has to say about theodicy, you can simply do an internet search for ‘Ravi Zarcharias theodicy’ and lo and behold… a video!

Though as @Christy said, the forums here are specifically for the purpose of science and faith discussions.

Why except in devout faith-oriented cancer patients.Definitely, God can perform miracles.Here, in my place, there is this Vallarpadam church. Two centuries back , a Hindu woman and her daughter drowned.,near this church.A priest near the church had a vision and after 2 days, they were saved.Both were enveloped in an air bubble.Why God couldn’t prevent similarly in a miraculuous manner, Nazi holocaust.

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