Human Chimp Genome Similarity

There’s nothing wrong with that. There are probably some good Youtube videos out there. There are also some really bad ones. Without some background knowledge it is really difficult to differentiate between the good and bad videos.

Quite honestly, much of the secondary press (articles written about science) is terrible. If you ask scientists what they think of the science described in the popular press you will probably hear a lot of complaints. There are a few good authors out there, such as Carl Zimmer who I strongly recommend, but there are a ton of journalists and other authors who get the science wrong.


no problem, feel free to do, but you have to always add:

the similarity numbers apply only to the part of the genomes which we were able to sequence, because, we were unable to sequence the both genomes in full.

How about that?

ok, i am glad your changed your mind…

Most of us think that is implied in describing the similarities to begin with, but perhaps that isn’t as clear to the general public.

On the flip side, it is also wrong to state that there is 0% similarity in the sections that haven’t been sequenced. That is what the video got wrong.


I still think Youtube is a bad place to learn about science because there are terrible videos on Youtube that can easily mislead the general public. My mind hasn’t changed.

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