How to respond to ID video

What? You don’t think God is up to the task? If your intelligent designer can get the job done why couldn’t God do likewise?

I know you ID folks don’t like to talk about the requirements for the designer that is behind the design, but it seems to me the only option is God. Space Bats might seed the planet to start the process, but wouldn’t be able to control it after that.

Testimony is evidence if it is true – that is why perjury is a felony. Forensic scientists give “eyewitness testimony”, too.

You also are neglecting that the events reported in Maggie’s testimony, for instance, were public, objective and empirical, and verifiable by others. You were effectively reading a scientist’s field notebook.

You may have “objectively convinced” yourself that it is all subjective, but that doesn’t make it true.

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