How much did God affect evolution? continued

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Then maybe you have a chance of getting them inside :wink:

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Thanks for clarifying @gbrooks9. Do you think @T_aquaticus explicitly needs to write every time he posts something he’s said probably a thousand times?

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This didn’t used to be an issue. Sometimes he spoke in his Atheist voice… but for the most part, it didn’t seem to come up that often.

He spoke “as though” a Creationist’s belief in intelligent design was not an obstacle. And he and I would spend almost the same amount of time on the question of what Science is able to say about design… rather than challenge “design” itself.

Arguing over the “Design” part of one’s Christian Faith seems like such a non-starter … it diverts the discussion from what should be a point of agreement, and sends any productive energy to an entirely irrelevant piece of business.

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