How do you reconcile The Fall with Evolution?

Welcome, Don @Medicodon.I notice that you have an engineering degree. So did my father. I think that it is from him that I inherited my passion to discover how things work, not just to know what is, as science has become.

He also had a way of reminding me that I need not give up, if the first way to solve a problem does not work by saying “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” I do not know if this is engineering humor or not, but it is helpful when someone says that evolution is not real, because Darwin’s theory is wrong.

I notice also that you reject Darwin’s theory based upon your engineering experience and not on ideology as so many do. Thomas Edison was a trial and error engineer, and while this may have worked on the light bulb, it did not on bridges.

Actually it did work on bridges right up until the Galloping Gertie incident in 1940. :slightly_smiling_face:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

“Ears that hear and eyes that see, the Lord has made them both.”

As a radiologist I have looked at thousands and thousands of CT scans, MRI scans, etc., over the years. The anatomy and physiology, and embryology, of the human body is astoundingly complex and precise. There are multiple organ systems with amazingly complex anatomy and 3D structure, which work together to perform complex physiologic functions. Just browse thru (or diligently study) an anatomy and physiology textbook, and an embryology textbook, for medical students.

Somehow, the information in one dimensional DNA molecules (grand total of approx 3 billion base pairs in humans) gets converted into this precise functioning 3D structure (the human body) during development. The things that amaze me are the information in one dimensional DNA, and then how this information is used to construct a precise functioning 3D structure.

Where did the information in DNA come from? (Also, where did the information storage and processing functions of DNA itself come from?) And then, how did the processes come about regarding how to use this one dimensional information in DNA to construct a complex functioning 3D structure? (Of course this is a greatly simplified description of anatomy, physiology, and embrology.)

And then of course there is the origin of life or abiogenesis. A whole separate, but intimately related, topic. (See Dr James Tour’s recent, and rather extensive, 13 part series on abiogeneis.)

Sum total of all this for me is that: This is God’s doing. In my opinion these things required the input of information (mind and intelligence). Of course the evolutionists will disagree with me, but that is fine. Like Paul says: “Let every man be fully convinced in his own mind”.

(Something you may find interesting. Take a close look at the superior oblique muscle of the human eye, and it’s trochlear mechanism of action. To me this appears to be a clearly designed operating system. I’m sure that any good evolutionist can come up with a contrived story about how this was gradually formed over time, etc. etc.
But just because an evolutionist can come up with a story, does not necessarily mean that their story is true.)

ThT would be an interesting system to look at. Perhaps there are animals with intermediate mechanisms. However, evolutionary explanations are seldom “contrived” but rather are based on a progression of development based on observations and consistent with a process.

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@ Medicodon Don, Thank you for your eloquent response. You are right . The human body is God’s doing, and so is all of nature. The wrong question is God or nature? The answer is both God and nature.

The right question is How did God use nature to create the human body? If survival of the fittest is not the best answer to the question, and I believe it is not, then we need to find a better one.

God is not stupid, and God is not limited by our lack of understanding. Until recently Christians knew that God created the universe out of nothing, but were limited in the facts about how this happened. Now science has revealed that God did it through the big bang, even though some people say that creation out of nothing is not possible.

Never underestimate what God can do. There is no human reason why God could not work through God’s Creation to carry our God’s Will to create humans in God’s own Image. Maybe some of those “contrived” stories are not contrived, but are part of God 's plan that humans have discovered using 20/20 hindsight, reading God’s thoughts after the fact.

It is the effective meaning of what you said… how I have heard these same words been used so many times.

  1. we don’t have access to God wisdom except according to what our wisdom says it is.
  2. So when you draw this distinction between God’s wisdom and their wisdom you are saying that God’s wisdom is what you say it is rather than what they think it is. And thus you are effectively saying they must stop thinking for themselves and do what you say instead.

So we should only listen to those who YOU claim speaks for God?

That is how this rhetoric about God’s wisdom versus our own wisdom has been used in history.

That was when you rebuked people for following their own wisdom.

According to my wisdom they are.

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