Fine Tuning an Inhibition of Omnipotence

Hello there. I have recently heard an objection to the fine tuning argument that is pretty interesting. “The fine tuning argument goes against omnipotence because it suggests that God would not be able to create life with these constants being any differently fine-tuned, therefore he wouldn’t be all-powerful”. My response to this would be “It is impossible for life to exist where these constants aren’t finely tuned to the degree and specific ratios that they are, and the inability for God to do logically impossible things is not an inhibition of omnipotence”. Do y’all think this is a good response? And how would y’all respond yourselves?

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In answer to your question, I think you gave a good answer, and would add that it basically is the same question in my mind as “could God create a rock too big for him to lift” and the answer is that it is a non-sensical question and C. S. Lewis once said, “Nonsense is still nonsense even when said about God.” It is asking if God could create life in a universe incompatible with life, and is like asking if God could create a square circle.
Personally, I am not a big proponent of fine tuning as an apologist argument, as I figure the universe has to be this way or it would not exist, with or without God.


Others more knowledgable than I will no doubt comment on the science. As to your assertion:

I’d say you are spot on. In addition, God can’t make a flat mountain, a circular square, or 2+2=5.

As to a theological perspective on fine tuning, I always think one must be careful how one uses it. For example: did God tune the conditions to bring about life life on Earth or did he will into existence (through natural or any other means) life that would thrive in these conditions? Theologically speaking, it’s a chicken/egg situation - either could be true or both. The answer to either question does not rule God out as creator, but it doesn’t require God to make sense of fine tuning either. Does that make sense?


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Hi Richard. I’m curious for your own take on the fine tuning argument. As one of a small handful of openly non believing members here I can tell you these sorts of arguments don’t carry any weight for me. But I don’t think any considerations about how the universe began work against the existence of a divine creator either. Seems to me if such a being exists he pretty clearly prefers to remain hidden and is content to let us know only as much about her methods as we are able to deduce on our own.

My response is a little different…

Omnipotence DOES NOT mean being able to do anything by whatever means one chooses! The kind of omnipotence that embraces logical inconsistency is the empty kind of omnipotence in dreams, where nothing has to make any sense because it isn’t real! It is the logical coherence that makes this real and not just a dream. So that sort of power isn’t omnipotence at all, and in fact, anybody can dream nonsense – it is not any great accomplishment.

No, because we don’t know that this is true. We don’t know that there are no other possible laws of nature with other constants which makes life possible. I do think that life requires fixed rules of some kind. But that doesn’t really help the fine tuning argument.

And this is part of an even larger problem with the fine tuning argument. We just cannot prove that the way things are means that had to have been designed that way by the intention of a deity. There is no way to know all the possibilities let alone calculate any probabilities of this particular result.

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@Glowingwhitekid Richard

I think that you are on the right track. People tend to see God as one dimensional, usually all powerful, but God is Trinity, Three and One. God is all powerful, all wise, and all loving. The anthropic principle bears this out.

God is loving enough to create a universe4 for humanity, powerful to create it out of nothing, and wise enough to make a universe that has trillions of aspects which work together.

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