Finding a church/denomination that aligns with Biologos

Agreed. It’s the whole “ they want to legalize sin “ arguments when a lot of it is still illegal. Murder, sexual abuse, rape, stealing and ect… are all still illegal. I’ve been in churches where they literally get around to saying things like 9-11, that gay club that was attacked years ago and ect… was all permitted by God showing america if they don’t repent we will be handed over to forgiven powers ( Muslims ) . I’ve even seen people sharing their beliefs that they think god is allowing those “ Catholic pagans “ to illegally enter America ( referring to Mexicans ) and they are moving into the SE of USA to undermine true Christianity. Even stuff where it’s as if they think the Holy Spirit help graft the constitution and connecting that to gun ownership and so on.

Hi Luke, BioLogos Staff here!

We understand the struggle! Many people have asked and are always looking for a “church directory” of sorts, but unfortunately we don’t really have a way beyond our community self-reporting on whether their church is “pro-science” (which I’m assuming you mean by “BioLogos ideology”), and that can change as soon as there is a change in pastors, etc.

We also don’t want it to appear that we are endorsing any particular denominations, etc. But sometimes people have luck here posting their city/region and having people suggest BL friendly churches!


Thank you all for the comments!

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Hi Luke. Welcome! Regarding your question…there are a couple of denominations in my life where, looking back, there was a mixed bag of accepting “God’s Word and God’s Work.” Before mentioning them, you may want to view of the list of colleges and universities that attended some of the BioLogos conferences and/or the recent BYU conference; the BYU conference was the focus of a BioLogos podcast and may give you some inklings or even give you a couple of names at those colleges and universities to contact with your question.

Now, possible prospective denominations from my past: United Brethren in Christ with Huntington University as its affiliated institution. I would characterize the UBC as conservative evangelical, but not fundamentalist, Armenian rather than Calvinist. Mennonite Church USA, with Goshen College, Eastern Mennonite University, Bethel College in Newton, Kansas, and a couple of seminaries affiliated with it. The MCUSA has recently gone through some schisms: part political, cultural, interpretation of scripture, LGBTQ, and populist/fundamentalist. I would characterize the MCUSA remnants as Anabaptist rather than Armenian or Calvinist; trying to find a “third way” of balancing societal activism with a high view of scripture, with local churches all over the board.

If I answer by what I’m trying to avoid: dogmatic to the point of militant legalism, either way. Gracious and caring community, an acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord, no clue on when the second resurrection will occur.

Good luck! It will take effort.

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Biologos doesn’t have an ideology per se, save that evolution and climate change are true; the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are okay with that!

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