Evolution and the Canaanite giants


Doesn’t say they actually work. Only that they are real practises that cause horrible consequences.

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Again, why not just say don’t practise any acts with bad consequences?


Why not just say that Leviathan was a large Crocodile, or Behemoth was an Elephant? Why not have Genesis make actual sense in the scientific world?

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It wasn’t. I’ve never heard of a crocodile that breathes fire, or has multiple heads.

It wasn’t. Behemah means a domesticated beast, like a cattle.

Because the original audience didn’t understand it.

None of this has anything to do with the point that I made, that God could just have told the Israelites not to commit actions with bad consequences.


Exactly, because nothing like that does or has ever existed in reality. Only in thought. In belief…

Like magic. Do you get it yet?

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You aren’t answering my question. The language used to describe leviathan is merely symbolic of Chaos. The language used to describe magic is not.

Also, why is miraculous power by evil spirits not magic?


And yet, it doesn’t actually exist… I’ll give you a clue… The Bible is written by primitive man and is full of primitive ideas that are actually nonsense.

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So you accept that the biblical writers believed in magic? Also, in spite of what I said before, I now think it is possible for evil spirits to hod, some power, and why not call this power magic?


Sure, the people could have, this is why God banned it, but God knew it wasn’t actually real. Either that, or the Bible is inspired by no real God. As God would know it isn’t real…
As for evil spirits, whatever they do is still within the possibilities of reality. Manipulation from a higher dimension is not magic.

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I think the canaanite giants were probably the descendents of the Tidanum people, a tribe of Amorites (very interesting, with regards to Amos 2:9), who were the ancestors of the kings of Babylon and Ugariti (and thus the ancestors of the Rapiuma, or Rephaim). All the clues seem to lead here. Again, there is a certain antiquity to the Canaanite conquest which cannot be simply ignored.

I suspect these Tidanum were the descendents of the Sons of God in Genesis 6, who were in turn the descendants of Lamech in Genesis 4, and were known by the Mesopotamians as Apkallu. Lamech himself could very well have been king Gilgamesh (identified as an Apkallu), due to the fact that he was a tyrant and a misogynist. The shortening of life to 120 years may well have led to Gilgamesh seeking eternal life.

Even more interesting, is that these Tidanum may very well have been Euhemerised by the Greeks as the Titans.

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I give my own hypotheses as to how the giants could have came about here, including two mundane ideas, and 1 supernatural hypothesis:

See also here where I link the giants of Canaan to the real life Amorite people.

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In light of Deuteronomy I see it as possible tat te Canaanite giants came about as a result of occult practices.

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